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Addis Ababa April 17/2018 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA ) is keen to improve in all areas of investment and relationship including culture, sports and transportation, Deputy Minister of Animal Resources Hamid bin Abdulaziz Al-Batshan said.




 In an exclusive interview with ENA, leader of the Saudi delegation and Deputy Minister Abdulaziz Al-Batshan said “Ethiopia is tied with long historical bond to the Saudi Arabia.”

 "We have strong relationships that goes through a longer timeline and that always warms our hearts to go back to that time of the first Hejira," he added.

 “We will be very happy to cooperate with our colleagues here in Ethiopia to improve the area of all type investments as well as relationships in culture, sports and transportation and in all the possibilities that we can think of,” Abdulaziz Al-Batshan pointed out.