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Addis Ababa April 13/2018 President Mulatu Teshome lauded the Ethiopian Red Cross Society for providing support for more than 1 million victims of natural and manmade disasters during the past four years.

The President, who is also patron of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society, said the Society has in addition to distributing food and clothes provided agricultural tools to victims of drought, erratic rain, fire, conflict, acute diarrhea and landslide.

Addressing the Society’s 18th General Assembly that opened today, the President said the humanitarian support, including provision of food, non-food items, and water, are encouraging.

The President added that ERCS has also contributed towards addressing the challenges the nation faced due to climate change related problems caused by El Nino.

It was learnt that the Society has supported 609,515 victims of El Nino with partners during the stated period.

A total of 36,507,254 birr was expended to address the problems and support of humanitarian activities in 2016/17.

Mulatu suggested that the Society improves strategies and mechanisms by utilizing its 82 years of experience, the resources gained from the government, members, volunteers, and partners to realize its projects.

The President said the government will strengthen its support for the society to fulfill its vision.

ERCS President Dr. Ahmed Reja said the Ethiopian Red Cross Society is striving to extend its support for all Ethiopians equally whenever and wherever they need assistance.

In this regard, he said, today's general assembly meeting will enable the Society to set directions that help it strengthen its assistance in the near future.

The re-establishment Charter of ERCS approved by the House of People's Representatives this year will enable the Society to strengthen its activities, he added.

Head of Delegation for International Red Cross Society in Ethiopia, James Reynolds said IRCS will help Ethiopian Red Cross Society in its efforts.

In this regard, the ERCS and IRCS have signed Partnership Framework of Agreement (PFA) to work collaboratively in program areas for three years (2018-2020), he added.

He stated that the partnership framework will help Ethiopian Red Cross Society in areas of emergency response, family reintegration, micro-economic initiatives, and other areas.

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) was established in 1935.

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PM Hold Talks with Residents of Mekelle

Mekele April 13/2018 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed addressed the public and regional government and community representatives upon his visit to Tigray Regional State.

Senior government officials including Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyehu, Sheferaw Shegute, Head of EPRDF Secretariat Office and other senior government officials accompanied the Premier.

In advance of the convention, Premier Abiy laid wreath for war memorial at the martyrs' monument in the city of Mekelle.

Speaking in Tigrigna language with full eloquence on the occasion, Prime Minister Abiy expressed his delight in paying a visit to Tigray, a region in which ancient Ethiopian civilization has flourished.

He also mentioned that Tigray is a vivid indicator of the peaceful co-existence of Christianity and Islam as an example of the age old living in harmony of the followers of the two religions.

The Premier also recalled the valor that was exhibited by all Ethiopians at the Battle of Adwa, in which the peoples of the region along with their brothers and sisters from all parts of Ethiopia demonstrated their anti-colonial struggle and the quest for equality for the entire world to witness.

Moreover, the Prime Minister called upon the youth in the region to follow the footsteps of their forefathers and fathers in promoting peace, democracy and development in the region and in entire Ethiopia. He added, “The people of Tigray have never compromised their identity as Ethiopians and will remain committed to their Ethiopian identity.”

Speaking on the significance of a constructive dialogue for peace between Ethiopia and Eretria, he said, “This is not the epoch of killing each other and a period of bloodletting. The modern epoch calls for peace and peaceful dialogue.”

He also said that the people in the region should not heed to sham fabrications and fake news transmitted over Face book and other online media outlets, but keep on participating on the promotion of peace, unity and development of their country.

Prime Minister Abiy said that there are people who think that Tigray as a region and its people have been made to be above the rest of the peoples of Ethiopia, and stressed that "this is completely false assertion"; he added that "the peoples of the rest of Ethiopia are already aware of this fabrication."

Also speaking on the occasion, Tigray Regional State Deputy Administrator, Debretsion Gebremichael reaffirmed the full commitment of TPLF, regional government and the people to the objectives and ideals of democracy, peace and development.

He said “Some power mongers wrongly assert that TPLF has assumed a higher position upon all political organizations but everyone knows that this is not true”.

He called upon all to uphold, respect and honor the provisions of the constitution and said all should renew their commitment to the peace, growth and development of the country.

Debretsion added that the regional government and the peoples of Tigray are committed to shoulder their responsibilities and their parts in assisting government efforts to rehabilitate citizens who were displaced from their homesteads due to the conflict that flared up in the border areas of Ethiopia Somali and Oromia regional States.

Prime Minister Abiy delivered his entire public address in Tigrigna and also translated the deliberations of the discussions for those officials who did not speak Tigrigna. 

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Addis Ababa April 13/2018 The first international conference of Adwa Pan-African University (APAU), which aims to bring together efforts for realization of APAU`s vision, will convene in the town of Adwa on August 23 and 24, 2018.

Briefing local media today, Bitew Belay Chair of the Coordinating Committee of APAU said the conference convenes under the theme of “Institutionalization of pan-Africanism: The first international conference of Adwa Pan-African University.”

The main objective of the conference is to bring together efforts of concerned individuals, organizations, and countries to realize APAU`s vision, according to the committee.

During the conference, the concept, objectives, curricula, and architectural master design of the university will be addressed, he further elaborated.

The conference also expected to offer global exposure, resource mobilization related to curricula, library arrangement among others, Belay stated.

From 600-700 participants including Abiy Ahmed Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Ugandan President Yewori   Museveni, former Prime Minister of Ethiopia Hailemariam Desalegn, leading Pan-African scholars and educators from Europe, the Americas and Africa expected to attend the conference.

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PM Pays Visit to Tigray Regional State

Mekele April 13/2018 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is accorded a warm welcome upon his arrival at Alula Aba Nega International Airport in the city of Mekelle, on his third round visit to various regions of the country.

Senior government officials including Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyehu, Sheferaw Shegute, Head of EPRDF Secretariat Office and other senior government officials accompanied the Premier.

Tigray Regional State Deputy Administrator, Debretsion Gebremichael and senior regional officials warmly welcomed the Premier at the airport.

Thousands of residents of Mekelle also welcomed the Prime Minister at the airport.

Premier Abiy is expected to confer with the representatives of the public in a hall attached to Martyr’s Memorial Monument in the city of Mekelle.

The Premier had his first visit to the Somali Regional State on 8 April 2018, which was followed by Oromia Regional State of Ambo town.



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Leaders congratulates PM Abiy

Addis Ababa april 13/2018 Leaders of various countries congratulated Abiy Ahmed on being elected as the new Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

Algeria President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Zambian President Edgar Lungu, Brazilian President Michel Temer, Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, Mauritania Prime Minster Yahya Olud Hadamine has extended their congratulation message to the Premier.

The leaders in their messages reaffirmed their commitment to uphold cooperation with Premier Minister Abiy and firm up their respective countries’ strategic relations with Ethiopia.

In his message, Algeria President Abdelaziz Bouteflika said Algeria will further strengthen its strategic partnership with Ethiopia to benefit the peoples of the two countries and to work on regional peace and development.

The two countries will also work together to strengthen the bilateral and multilateral cooperation and to promote peace and security of the continent, Zambia President Edgar Lungu said.

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands, on his part said 130 Dutch companies have invested 700 million Euro in Ethiopia, and have created over 75,000 job opportunities, indicating that the economic ties between the two countries will be further strengthened.

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Addis Ababa April 12/ 2018 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed affirmed his party’s readiness to negotiate with political parties that prefer peaceful struggle.

Abiy who noted that efforts towards democratic system building could not be fruitful without strong opposition parties, said EPRDF will play its best to strengthen opposition parties.

The Premier made the remark at a dinner program he held at the National Palace for religious and community leaders, as well as leaders of opposition parties and people drawn from civic societies.

During his speech at the event, the Premier acknowledged the contribution that religious leaders, civic societies and opposition parties played in the country to date.

Noting that efforts towards building a prosperous Ethiopia need everyone’s contribution, the Premier urged citizens to discharge their responsibilities in this regard.

Abiy, who sworn in as PM recently, has been meeting with the public in different parts of the country as part of efforts towards reconciliation.

The Premier last week visited Somali Regional State and discussed with the public along with officials of the region and Oromia Regional State.

Yesterday he visited the town of Ambo that has been known for its restiveness over the past few years and during previous regimes.

Today’s discussion with the opposition, religious leaders and civic societies is part of the Premier’s plan in promoting dialogue.


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Addis Ababa April 12/2018 A meeting of African experts that discuss mobilization of domestic resources, fight against corruption and illicit financial flows opened here today.

It is to be recalled that the AU has dedicated the year 2018 to the fight against corruption in recognition of the negative impact corruption has on the development of African countries.

Opening the 2nd African Union (AU) Specialized Technical Committee (STC) on Finance meeting, AU Economic Affairs Commissioner Professor Victor Harison said cooperation and investments of many African member countries still depend on development aid.

Rehabilitation and construction of infrastructures on the continent require 130 -170 billion USD for the next 10 years to come, he added.

Illicit financial flows add 50 billion USD every year and the rate of deposit is very low and the share of formal sector represents 40 percent of the real economy.

According to Harison, case studies are done by the technical committee and those documents will be discussed to come up with recommendations.

The recommendations of the meeting, which is expected to last until April 14, will be submitted to ministers and member states, it was learned.

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Addis Ababa April 12/2018 Ethiopia has done a remarkable effort in expanding access to education that lowered the number of children vulnerable to labor as compared to other African countries, International Labor Office (ILO) Country Director George Okutho said.

He added that Ethiopian children are going to school in big numbers as compared to other African countries and a lot remains to be done.

Findings show that non-working children have a higher school attendance rate (63.7%) as compared to children involved in child labor (57.7%), it was learned.

"A National Child Labor Survey: 2015", jointly produced by International Labor Office and Central Statistics Agency (CSA), was launched here today.

"Here in Ethiopia the first child labor survey was conducted since 2001 with the support of ILO," Okutho said, adding that in recognition of this the government through CSA has made efforts to produce comprehensive statistical information on child labor.

According to him, the findings from this survey will no doubt help in formulating policies and programs to eliminate and prevent child labor.

Understanding why the children were working is also very crucial and then you need to look at broader integrated policy that will address this problem, creating awareness can be one , education is another way to keep the children away from child labor and efforts to fight poverty are among the major methods.

The survey showed that there were over 37 million children were in child labor out of the total labor force, while 51 percent of children aged 5-17 years were engaged in economic activities.

It further stated that 94 percent of working children were engaged in agriculture in rural areas and 24 percent in urban areas.

The objective of the study is to show the magnitude, characteristics and main determinates of child labor in the Ethiopia.

The survey revealed that according to ILO data approximately 168 million children aged 5-17 were involved in child labor, with 85 million of them in hazardous work. The highest number of children, that is 72 million, was in Africa.

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Addis Ababa April 12/2018 President Mulatu Teshome has offered his sympathy and compassion to the government of Algeria over the deadliest airplane crash which killed 257 people near the capital Algiers.

On behalf of the government of Ethiopia and himself, Mulatu expressed his deep sorrow over the death, according to a press release of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The crash was the deadliest since 2014, when 298 people were killed following the crash of Malaysian airlines jet over Ukraine.

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Addis Ababa April 12/2018 Ethiopia’s economic ties with neighboring countries have proved fruitful and continue growing over the past years, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Meles Alem said.

In his weekly briefing, Meles said Ethiopia is giving due attention to boost economic ties with its neighbors mainly because they offer large and accessible markets, port services, and significantly impact peace and stability in the country.

Export in fruits, vegetables, spices, meat, live animals and industrial products to Somalia and Djibouti have last Ethiopian year jumped over 474 million and 187 million USD respectively.

According to the Spokesperson, some 473 investment projects worth hundreds of millions USD were carried out by investors from the neighboring countries and created jobs for more than 13,000 Ethiopians.

Of the total projects, 317 belong to Sudanese, 80 to Kenyans, 23 to Somalis, and 21 Djiboutians.

Recalling that the trade volume between Ethiopia and Sudan 15 years ago was only 3million USD, Meles noted that “it has now reached 300 million USD .”

Ethiopia’s efforts in implementing different mechanisms such as establishing joint border administration commission, harmonization of policies and extension of various infrastructural networks were the key elements that enhanced the economic ties, he added.

Speaking of the tripartite meeting on GERD held in Sudan, Meles dismissed media reports saying that the leaders have agreed to come up with details for the implementation of infrastructure fund; though participants from Egypt once again called for discussion about the 1959 agreement to which Ethiopia was never a part.

“Ethiopia’s initiation to minimize any significant harm to downstream countries have long been expressed practically and will continue. But there will never be negotiation on any agreement that we were never part,” the Spokesperson emphasized.

Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt are expected to hold high-level ministerial and technical meeting to close the gap in areas of differences.


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