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Addis Ababa April 12/2018 Residents of Ambo have expressed their readiness to stand alongside the government to sustain peace and stability in the town. 

Ambo town, which was one of the most restive areas in Oromia Regional State, has warmly welcomed the newly sworn in Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Wednesday.

Accompanied by high level government officials, the Premier was welcomed at the Ambo University Stadium by more than 30,000 residents of the town. 

On his second visit after the Somali Regional State, the Premier conferred with the residents on the imperatives of sustainable peace in the town and the Oromia Regional State.

Some residents of the town, who attended the public gathering, told ENA that they are satisfied with the speech of the Premier and are ready to work with the government to bring a long-lasting peace in the town.

“Today is the re-birth of Ambo town. People are so excited; we are so happy,” Melake Isreal Wolde Kirkos Administrator of Debrebrehan Eyesus Church said.

Recalling the protests that left the loss of life in the recent past, the priest said peace has fully returned to town and the youth are eagerly waiting for government responses to their grievances.

Senait Dinku from Ambo University said “I am ready to work with the government and contribute my part in ushering changes in Ambo town”

She also encouraged her fellow students to stand with the government for new changes and hard work to ascertain peace.

Aba Geda Dufsa Macho said the people now need to strive for development as it struggled for peace.

He also urged the government to create inclusive growth and development programs which should embrace women and the youth.

In his speech on the occasion, Premier Abiy appealed for patience and to cooperate with the government as it responds to the challenges that the public has been facing.

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Addis Ababa April 12/2018 Forum of Federations has commended Ethiopia for the successful transition of power in the event of the appointment of the new Prime Minister and its anchor role to stabilize the region.

In an exclusive interview with ENA chairman of the Forum Prof. Georg Milbradt said “First of all I must congratulate you because of your success; if you look at your neighbors, you are very successful.”

The smooth and democratic transition of power signifies Ethiopia's strong role in stabilizing the region at large, he stated.  

“I think if you look at the beginning and your position now, it is a great success and your stability is anchor in the region. I am very proud to have you in stabilizing not only your country but this part of your continent”, he pointed out.

Alongside his admiration, the chairman also expected further changes from Ethiopia under the new leadership in the coming years as well, adding that “Change is quite natural in human life, conditions are changing, situations are changing you have a growing population; you have a growing economy you need new answer to new questions,” Milbradt said.

He noted that the past achievement of the country can be a launch-pad to find sustainable solution for the problems, and thus to accommodate the public interest in the future.

“I think to integrate the society is necessary as well as the different interest of different ethnic groups and I think because of your success of the past, it is possible to find a good solution for the future as well”, he noted.

Delegation of the forum have conferred with President Mulatu Teshome and discussed with representatives of federal institutions as well here in Addis Ababa yesterday.

The Forum of Federations was established by the Government of Canada in 1999 and currently has nine other partner governments: Australia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan and Switzerland.

The Forum runs training and knowledge sharing programs to address governance challenges in existing and emerging federations, as well as in devolved and decentralized countries.



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Addis Ababa April 12/2018 Ethiopian Airlines is championing regional integration through its flights to over 58 destinations on the continent, Executive Director of United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, UNECA, Vera Songwe said, African Business Community Reported.

“Ethiopian Airlines flies to over 58 destinations in Africa connecting the continent, moving people and goods, and thus making the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) possible,” said Ms. Songwe after a tour of the Ethiopian Aviation facilities in Addis Ababa where he met the airlines CEO Tewolde GebreMariam.

The meeting reportdely  followed the historic signing in March of the AfCFTA by over 40 African leaders, and the launch - in January - of the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM), an African Union initiative to create a single unified air transport market in Africa.

Ms. Songwe described the Ethiopian Airlines Aviation facilities as “an outstanding center of excellence,” noting that sustainable improvements in the sector require complex changes in a range of policy dimensions in areas such as infrastructure, trade facilitation and services.

She underscored on the importance of recognizing and showcasing the strides made by Ethiopian Airlines in air logistics, adding that African countries need to do more to improve the efficiency of trade logistics services.

“Understanding the logistics index is very important to better measure the capacity of African countries to efficiently move goods and connect manufacturers and consumers with regional and international markets,” the Executive Secretary said.

Tewolde GebreMariam, in agreement with the statment from Ms. Songwe, said that that trade logistics required the focus and commitment of all African countries and that it is important to liberalize the market in Africa. Both parties agreed to collaborate in finalizing a study on this topic.

Other areas of partnership discussed during the visit include promoting Addis Ababa as a tourist destination; creating a “conference-friendly environment” in Addis Ababa, which will attract more international and regional conferences and events to Ethiopia, leading to increased use of the U.N. Conference Centre; and how best to work together in servicing the UN family in Addis Ababa better.

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