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Addis Ababa March 09/2018 Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and the visiting Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov have discussed on ways of boosting bilateral cooperation in various fields.

Economic and diplomatic cooperation, culture and tourism are among the sectors that the countries like to work together.

They discussed on the need to bolster cooperation in the education sector through scholarships and consolidating partnership among institutions of higher learning in the two countries.

Noting that Russian investment in Ethiopia does not grow as expected, they agreed on the need to encourage Russian businesspersons to come to Ethiopia.

They also discussed on ways of strengthen cooperation on international issues based on the national interest of the two countries, according to the information revealed from the Office of the Prime Minister.

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Addis Ababa March 09/2018 Ethiopia is showing outstanding contribution for its neighbors by sheltering huge number of refugees, refugees from different African countries said.

Some of the refugees whom ENA has talked with said Ethiopia is providing them protection and basic services which their respective countries denied them.

John Yohanes, a South Sudanese refugee, came to Ethiopia in 2012 to visit his family residing in Addis Ababa. He ended up in a refugee camp in Ethiopia as he couldn’t be able to return to his country due to fresh conflicts.

Yohanes, who get his first degree in mining engineering through the scholarship that the government has offered him, aspires to serve his country when peace and stability restored.

He told ENA that the open border system in Ethiopia that allowed refugees to enter the country for safety and protection helps fellow South Sudanese, who are at risk due to the conflict.

According to him, Ethiopia's strong commitment could be used as a good diplomatic gesture to cement the relation between the two nations.

An Eritrean refugee, Tsehaye Welderufael, who still remembers the risks he have passed while he fled his country, uttered the amiable welcome by the people and government of Ethiopia.

Fulgence Ntahomvukiye, a refugee from Burundi, said that Ethiopia is providing refugee with outstanding services.

Administration for Refugee & Returnee’s Affairs (ARRA) Deputy Director, Zeynu Jemal told ENA that Ethiopia has received over 100,000 refugees since February 2017 mainly from South Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia, and the number of refugee has reached close to one million.

He noted that the Ethiopian government is receiving refugees based on the principles of longstanding tradition of hosting refugee, international commitment and foreign policies.

The government in collaboration with the international community is doing its best to enhance the lives of refugees by providing protection and social services including higher education.

The government is also working to create jobs for 30,000 refugees in two industrial parks to be built in the country in order to economically benefit refugees.

Ethiopia has made nine pledges for the benefit of refugees after the adoption of the New York Declaration on Refugees and Migrants, on September 2016 including creating jobs.


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Addis Ababa March 09/2018 The permanent representation of Africa at the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) will introduce an additional value to the council, Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov said.

During a joint press conference at the AU headquarters with Moussa Faki Mahamat, Chairperson African Union Commission, Lavrov said there is a need to reform the Security Council.

With regard to the UNSC, Russia has consistently assumes the need to reform the Security Council, the Minister stressed. “I don’t think that the developed countries are underrepresented in the current composition of the UNSC.”

“The most important thing is raising the representation of developing countries in the UNSC and we are willing to consider any option”, he assured.

Adding that, Lavrov said “If Africa is represented at the council it will be able to introduce an additional value to UNSC.”

Apart from backing Africa`s quest for permanent seat at the UNSC, the minister expressed the interest of his country to boost its cooperation in all spheres.

“We seek cooperation with the African Union in all domains without exception in political fields in trade and economy, humanitarian field, education and intermesh of cooperation in the international arena”.

Cooperation on education, military training, consulting the universities were mentioned among the others while the diplomatic academy of the foreign ministry Russia is going to welcome the AU officers.

Moussa Faki Mahamat, Chairperson African Union Commission, said it is unfair that the continent is not a member of the UNSC with a permanent seat.

It is a legitimate demand of the African continent for decades now and so far there has been no progress on this area, according to the Commissioner.

“We believe that Russia, which has always support legitimates quest of the continent will continue to support the demand of Africa”, Mahamat noted.

The two sides discussed to cooperate on fighting terrorism in all its manifestations including funding the extremists and terrorist ideology.


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Addis Ababa March 08/2018 Ethiopia has enough infrastructural capacity to host the 2021 World Chamber of Congress, Director of the International Chamber of Commerce (CCE) Anthony Parkes said.

President Mulatu Teshome held talks today with CCE Director Anthony Parkes on the preparations and commitments of Ethiopia to organize the congress, for which it competes with Kenya, Dubai, and Iran.

Parkes said he has discussed the strength of Addis Ababa to host the event with the president.

“I am here today to hear how the president is supporting the strength of the bid from Addis Ababa for the congress, including the wonderful facilities you have here, the infrastructure and the ease of access to the country which is important as we have delegates from chambers of commerce from over 130 nations”, he added.

According to him, the event will help Ethiopia to get experience, share technology and show business opportunities for investors.

President Mulatu said Ethiopia is ready to host the congress and would support the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations in every way.

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 Addis Ababa March 08/2018 Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn and U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have discussed about ways of collaborating in various fields.

During the talks they held this afternoon, the officials have extensively discussed regional peace and security, economic cooperation, investment, and combating global terrorism, according to the Office of the Prime Minister.

Ethiopia and the US have been working on various areas of mutual interests, including health, education and agriculture as well as cooperation in regional peace and security.

The countries have more than 100 years long standing relationship.

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Addis Ababa March  08/2018 Despite notable progress on closing gender gaps over the past 20 years, women have less access to jobs, are more likely to take low-quality employment, and face barriers to management positions, UN labor report revealed. 

The "World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends for Women 2018-Global snapshot" report released on the eve of International Women’s Day yesterday, stated that women’s labor force participation rate worldwide stands at 48.5 percent in 2018, 26.5 percentage points below that of their male counterparts.

The report, authored by the UN International Labor Organization (ILO), also shows that the global unemployment rate for women is six percent for 2018, about 0.8 percentage points higher than that for men.

Altogether, for every 10 men in a job, only six women are employed.

ILO Deputy Director-General for Policies, Deborah Greenfield said, “Despite the progress achieved and the commitments made to further improvement, women’s prospects in the world of work are still a long way from being equal to men’s.”

She further added  that "whether it is about access to employment, wage inequality or other forms of discrimination, we need to do more to reverse this persistent, unacceptable trend by putting in place policies tailored to women, also taking into account the unequal demands that they face in household and care responsibilities.”

In regions such as the Arab States and Northern Africa, female unemployment rates are still twice as large as men’s, with prevailing social norms continuing to obstruct women’s participation in paid employment.

Women also face significant gaps in the quality of the employment they are in, contribute to a market-oriented family business, but are often subject to vulnerable conditions of employment without written contracts, collective agreements and respect for labor legislation.

Thus, women are still overrepresented in informal employment in developing countries.

The noted that globally, four times as many men are working as employers than women in 2018 and women continue to face barriers in accessing management positions.

Director of the ILO Research Department, Damian Grimshaw stressed that “closing gender gaps in the world of work thus should remain a top priority if we want to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls by 2030.”

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Addis Ababa March 08/2018 Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the United States would support Ethiopia’s efforts to maintain peace and security in the country.

Foreign Affairs Minister Workneh Gebeyehu and his American counterpart held talks today on the situation in Ethiopia and investment and economic cooperation as well as peace and security in the Horn of Africa. 


In a joint press statement they gave, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said USA acknowledges the transition of power in Ethiopia which is very positive symbol.

“We recognize the transition underway in Ethiopia, the first ever voluntary transition of power and it is very positive symbol of peace transition of power in Ethiopia,” he added.

Tillerson, who is in Ethiopia for an official visit, said, “We encourage the Ethiopian people to maintain support for the government for this transition.” 

He also appreciated Ethiopia for its role in keeping peace in the region, especially in Somalia through AMISOM as well as the efforts in Sudan and South Sudan.

"We need to recognize Ethiopia’s generosity in hosting one million refugees", the Secretary of State said, adding that the US is looking forward to working closely with Ethiopia in this regard.

According to him, Ethiopia and USA have more than 100 year long standing relation.

The US supports the Ethiopian economic development, Tillerson stated, further noting that Ethiopia has a vibrant economy but there is a lot of potential yet to be realized in Ethiopia.

Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyehu said on his part Africa is a future continent and over 70 percent of its population is youth with skilled labor.

"So coming to Africa by all measurements will benefit the business and investment of USA", he noted.

“We are expecting more investors to come to Ethiopia and Africa. We are expecting business from here to the US,” Workneh added.

Ethiopia and the U.S. have been working on various areas of mutual interests including health, education and agriculture as well as cooperation on regional peace and security.

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Addis Ababa March 08/2018 Inquiry Board of the State of Emergency has officially started its work today, according to the Office of the Inquiry Board.

 The Board is established, pursuant to sub-Article 6 of Article 93 of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, to monitor and supervise the handling of suspects that violate the state of emergency.

 It is, therefore, entrusted with the responsibility of making public the names of detained suspects within one month, monitoring and supervising the Command Post so that it does not take inhuman measures and take corrective measures when these occur, and take the perpetrators to face justice.

 The Inquiry Board composed of seven persons has announced to local journalists that it has officially commenced its duties to fulfill the duties and responsibilities it is entrusted with by the proclamation.

 Board Chairperson Tadese Hordoffa said the Board will start work retroactively from the date the proclamation for the state of emergency was declared. Apart from conducting on spot inspections, the Board will accept tip-off from the public.

 He urged all the concerned to cooperate with the Board as it cannot carry out its duties without the support of the public.

 The Board Chairperson said any person who is treated inhumanly during detention by the Command Post can submit petition to the Board through phone, fax or by filing the petition in person at the House of People's Representatives where the Office of the Inquiry Board is located.

 Tadesse said the Board will conduct its duties of inquiry based on the experience from the previous activities of the Board and noted that given the vast expanse of the area coverage of the country and the extent of the proliferation of the unrests, a technical committee composed of legal experts will soon be commissioned.

 He added that detailed information on the activities of the Inquiry Board and related information can be sought from the Board’s website.

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