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Addis Ababa March 08/2018 The Government of Canada has granted 12 million USD to UNICEF Ethiopia to improve the reproductive health and nutritional status of adolescent girls, according a press release of UNICEF Ethiopia.

 The initiative will reach over four million girls in districts with high food insecurity and a high prevalence of child marriage and will be implemented between 2018 and 2022, the release issued to ENA indicated.

 Head of Cooperation at the Embassy of Canada in Ethiopia, Ivan Roberts said “as part of our feminist approach, Canada is committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights in order to empower women and adolescent girls in Ethiopia and around the world.”

 The initiative, by helping girl’s access adolescent-friendly sexual and reproductive health services and nutrition facilities will leverage gender clubs in schools to provide life skills and sexual and reproductive health knowledge to young people.

 Adolescent-friendly spaces will also be created to ensure out-of-school children freely discuss nutrition and sexual and reproductive health issues and practices including family planning.

 In addition, the program will support the local production and supply of sanitary pads, education of girls on pre-and post menstruation, and improve sanitary facilities through upgrading and rehabilitation to improve personal hygiene.

 UNICEF Representative in Ethiopia, Gillian Mellsop appreciating the timely support to address the challenges that Ethiopian adolescent girls face.


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 Addis Ababa March 08/2018  Ethiopian Airlines has operated its fourth flight staffed by an all-women crew to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

 The flight, which is the first time to Argentina operated an all-female staff point in time with the International Women’s Day, March 8.

 The flight operated by all-Women staff including the pilot, technicians, cabin crews, in-flight ramp operators, flight dispatchers and ticket class among others indicated women can achieve anything if they can get appropriate opportunity.

 Today`s all female crew flight is the fourth for Ethiopian airlines, which aimed at empowering females in the continent. Thailand, Rwanda and Nigeria were the previous destinations of the crew.

 Ethiopian starts its flight to Argentina five times a week which is the 6th destination of the airlines in South America.

 The new destination expected to underpin people-to people, tourism, investment, and trade relations, Dr. Aklilu Hailemichael State Minister of Foreign Affairs said.

 According to Aklilu, Ethiopian airlines has been providing multifaceted contribution for the country`s development.

 Ethiopian is one of the major factors for flourishing the horticulture trade in the country, which becomes the second in Africa.

 It was noted that Ethiopian Airlines has made history by sending an all-women crew on a flight from Addis Ababa to Bangkok, Thailand in 2015.

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Addis Ababa March 08/2018 Exhibitors at the International Agro-Industry Forum, taking place in Addis Ababa hopes to penetrate the global market through the market linkages and business opportunities created by the forum.

 According to some investors who are showcasing their products in the forum, the event is enabling them to look for new destinations globally.

 The Owner and General-Manager of Simret Honey, Honey products and Agricultural Equipments PLC, Simret Leulkal told ENA that the forum creates opportunity for her to supply products to the international market.

 Resigning from a government institution in which she was formerly employed, Simret started to supply honey to the local market in 2014 with an initial capital of 75,000 Birr.

 Currently her investment has reached more than 20 million Birr. Simret is now preparing to supply 60 percent of her products for the international market.

 Simret said, “I can use this as an opportunity to introduce my products and sign agreements to sell huge amount of honey to my customers at the local and international markets”.

 Aspiring to export value added products; Simret has already started the process to import equipments that are necessary for packing processed honey.

 Simret hoped to utilize the huge business to business linkages that would be created through the forum to realize her goal of entering the global market.

 Dejen Gebremeskel General Export & Import plc, engaged in exporting oil seeds, spices, and cereals to India, China, Central America, Europe and Middle East, is among the companies that display products in the expo.

 Ezana Gebremeskeal, the import-export Manager, said that his company has benefited from market linkages created by such expos. It participated on some major international exhibitions and bazaars to introduce its products. 

 Ezana believed such forums would help to strength existing partnership as well as establish new cooperation.

 According to him, the company is working on modernizing and standardizing its packing system in collaboration with Germen Import Desk as well as value adding on products to maximize benefit.

 “We are working on quality of our products and so as we can build the potential to enter in to the international market and branding Ethiopian products globally in the sector”, he said.

 Terara Coffee Factory, which has been engaging in exporting roasted and processed coffee for the last 12 years, is also another company taking part in the forum.

 The factory has been exporting 5,000 kg roasted coffee per month to Europe, North America, Asia and Africa over the past three years.

 According to Business Process owner of the Company, Samson Getachew, the forum would help the company to create more linkage to companies in Europe and the U.S.

 “in our factory we have some challenges that had prevented us from reaching in to big markets like USA, so this is an opportunity for us to establish contacts with renown international companies in the sector”, he said.

 “As we are exporting roasted and processed coffee we use value addition in every step of production to promote value chain that could generate more employment opportunities,”

 He indicated that the government is supporting the company in different ways to strength value addition and packaging systems through the Ministry of industry.

 Organic Agro-Industry, another exhibitor is participating on the forum with the aim of finding new costumers in order to increase its market destinations.

 The Marketing Manager, Muse Degefu said they managed to create some linkages and enter into agreements with companies through the forum.

 It exports 300,000-350,000 kg meat every month from its abattoir in Modjo. Last year, the company has earned over 15 million USD from exporting meat to Oman, Jeddah, Vietnam and China.

 The 2nd Agro-Industry Investment Forum is taking place with the aim of highlighting and promoting the country’s favorable agro-industry investment climate, specific opportunities and business linkages.

 Mobilizing private investment in agro-processing, textiles and garments, leather and leather products, establishing linkages with allied sectors such as packaging and renewable energy sources are also aims of the forum.

 Some 3000 participants drawn from the local and international public - private sectors converged over the forum organized by the government of Ethiopia and UNIDO that is open from March 5 to 8, 2018.

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Addis Ababa March 08/2018  Ethiopia is preparing to amend its Rural Land Administration and Land Use law to maximize benefits of rural women, the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resource said.

 The country’s Land Administration and Land Use proclamation, endorsed by the parliament in 2005, has benefitted rural women by realizing their land ownership rights.

 Contrary to the Ethiopian tradition, women in rural Ethiopia have managed to be owners, which enshrined in the constitution through the law.

 Amalede Gedefe, a resident of Bahidar Zuriya Woreda had encountered problems when she was trying to use the land after the death of her husband.

 She had difficulties to secure the land, which was owned by her husband as the Ethiopian tradition does not allow women to own a land.

 It was difficult for her to feed her children, as land is the main economic source in the area.

 “After I have received the land certificate, I raised my kids by developing my land. So now my son has become a driver and my daughter has graduated from a University and I am now very happy”, she said.

 “After legally securing the land certificate, besides of cereals I can manage to plant fruits like avocado, mango and vegetables, thereby I begin to save some money. In that way I can help to alter the livelihood of my children."

 Despite its benefits the law still has some gaps in benefiting women, said Women Affairs Acting Director in the Ministry, Yaregal Zelalem.

 A study was conducted in four major regions to identify major shortfalls in benefiting women, Yaregal said.

 He mentioned that unable to lease land and inequality in land ownership polygamous marriages among the gaps that affect women.

 “When this proclamation is approved, it will move towards realizing ways of benefiting women from rural lands by renting out or as collateral so to make them lucrative”, he said.

 The new law permits rural land owners to lease their lands and use them as collateral.

 Moreover, the proclamation sets out detailed codes of procedures for land acquisition and certification in addition to allowing right of share cropping, he said.

 It will also enforce men who marry more than one wife to give land to the new bride by splitting the land he own. Despite polygamy is not legal Ethiopia, it is acceptable in areas where religion and tradition permits it.

 “We believe that the approval of this proclamation will further improve the works that are already carried out currently to benefit women from rural land”, Yaregal said.

 Minister of Women and Children Affairs, Demitu Hambissa said that women are benefiting from the overall development of the country in general and economic development in particular.

 The Minister indicated that the right of women to get a farmland and utilizing it is recognized over the last years.

 "When we look how much women are benefiting from the economic, political and social perspectives land tenure is enshrined in the constitution, which is the biggest achievement in this regard," she said.  

 Ethiopia has been working to ensure rights of women on land since the introduction of the law.

 One of the ways realizing this is providing land acquisition certificate for married couple, instead of making the male the sole owner.

 More than 140,256 women in rural areas have got land for farming in addition to 661,956 that guaranteed with a secondary level land certificate just in the first half of the current fiscal year.

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Addis Ababa March 07/2018Most of the roads that have been closed after the endorsement of the proclamation on the state of emergency by the House of People's Representatives are open, Command Post Secretariat and Minister of Defense Siraj Fegesa said.

In a press briefing he gave today, Siraj said most of the blocked roads are open while the Command Post is working hard to make the remaining few roads open.

According to the Command Post Secretariat, 17 security forces were wounded, 4 vehicles totally burned, 10 public vehicles damaged, and kebele offices gutted.

The Command Post is proceeding according to the plan and the detailed directive issued by the Command Post also holds discussions with communities about how to restore peace and the public have so far been collaborating, according to Siraj.

The public are exposing suspected criminals and advising youth who are participating in illegal activities as they support the state of emergency, he noted.

The Command Post Secretariat called on the people to continue collaborating with the Command Post in order to restore peace and stability in the country.

The proclamation on state of emergency was approved by parliament on March 2, 2018 at protect the Constitution and the constitutional order as well as ensure security and stability of the country.

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Addis Ababa March 07/2018 Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and UAE Foreign Minister have agreed to work together on security in the Horn of Africa and the Middle East.

The premier and Emirati Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan had talks today on bilateral and regional issues.

The officials discussed about ways and means to further transform the relations between the two countries to better level. 

They also conferred on ways of further strengthening investment, trade, and tourism sectors in order to further boost economic cooperation. 

The total investment of UAE in Ethiopia is close to 11 billion birr with 135 active projects.

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