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Addis Ababa March 03/2018 Leaders of opposition parties said today the approval of the State of Emergency Proclamation by the House of People's Representatives will help to bring about peace and stability in the country.

They have also called on the Command Post to involve the public in the implementation of the proclamation.

The opposition parties stated that the proclamation, which was endorsed yesterday, is necessary and timely.

The leaders said the Command Post should strive to solve the prevalent lack of peace and security by involving the public.

All Ethiopians National Movement President, Mesfin Shiferaw said the proclamation approved to stop violence and chaos that endangered the security of the country and citizens cannot be a threat but a guarantee to law abiding citizens.

Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party President, Ayele Chamiso said on his part the approval of the proclamation by the House is appropriate as the damage on human and material resources based on ethnicity is huge.    

Ethiopian Democratic Unity Movement Chairman, Guesh Gebresellassie said the proclamation is necessary as it has become impossible to control the human and material cost inflicted through the exercise of regular laws. 

New Generation Party President, Solomon Tafese similarly supported the move since the proclamation will give the government breathing space to respond to demands of the peoples.

The leaders have, however, urged the Command Post to implement the proclamation based on research and wisdom.

President of Coalition for Unity and Democracy, Ayele Chamiso said the board established to monitor the proclamation should ensure that innocent citizens are not ill-treated during the implementation of the state of emergency.

New Generation Party President, Solomon Tafese said the Command Post should implement the proclamation wisely by involving the public.

In addition, the leaders said the Command Post needs to educate and create awareness alongside securing peace.

They also urged the government to provide prompt response to the demands of the public during the emergency rule.

The House of People's Representatives endorsed yesterday the proclamation with 395 votes out of 490 MPs who attended the session. Some 88 MPs have voted against it, while 7 abstained.

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Addis Ababa March 03/2018 The Victory of Adwa was an event that represented a watershed in the history of the continent and had worldwide resonance and impact, AUC Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat said.

In a statement the Chairperson issued in connection with the celebration of 122nd Anniversary of the Victory of Adwa yesteday, Mahamat said “Adwa was not only an Ethiopian victory but also an African victory and one for all peoples across the world that were, at the time, subjected to colonial domination and discrimination.”

The victory gave them further courage and confidence in their fight for independence and dignity, he pointed out, adding that “Adwa is an enduring source of pride for the entire continent.” 

The Chairperson further said, “As we join our Ethiopian sisters and brothers in celebrating this momentous victory and paying tribute to the Ethiopian patriots who defeated the invading Italian colonial forces, there are many lessons we can draw from this historic event.”

The critical importance of self-reliance, patriotism and selflessness, and unity, irrespective of political, ethnic and other differences, are among the many lessons to draw from this historic event of the battle of Adwa, Mahamat elaborated.

According to him, these were the values that animated Ethiopians who joined hands to defend their motherland and sacrificed their lives for the higher interest of their country to securing its sovereignty.

“These were also the values that drove the subsequent struggles waged across the continent to free it from the yoke of colonial domination and racial discrimination” the Chairperson noted.  

He stressed the need to rekindle these values and the spirit of forefathers at this time from Menelik to Nelson Mandela and the Founding Fathers of the Organization of African Unity. 

“I urge Africans of all walks of life to unite and demonstrate a renewed commitment to pan-Africanism, drive forward the aspirations of our people, and ensure that our continent plays its rightful role in a more just international governance system, bearing in mind the goals set in Agenda 2063,” he added. 

Mahamat stressed that “the spirit and patriotism that made the Adwa Victory possible still remain relevant today. With such a proud history and strong resilience, the African Union is confident in Ethiopia’s ability to overcome the challenges at hand and emerge stronger for the greater good of its people, the region and the continent as a whole.” 

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Addis Ababa March 03/2018About 30 million birr worth maintenance of the old railway line extending from Dire Dawa to Meiso will begin soon, according to Dire Dawa Ethio-Djibouti Railways Enterprise.

Enterprise General Manger Abdulaziz Ahmed told ENA that the enterprise will repair the old railway route to be used for both passengers and cargo transportation.

Some 3 passenger and 6 cargo trains are readied for operation that can serve the industrial and as alternative to the newly opened railway line to Djibouti, Abdulaziz stated.

The restoration of the 150 kilometer railway will be undertaken by Ethiopian professionals.

The Dire Dawa City Administration has readied material for the maintenance of the bridge 4 kilometers outside the city and that connects it to Meiso, it was learned.

Meanwhile, phase of the maintenance project connecting Dire Dawa to Dewalle has gone operational, and is providing 3 days a week service, the General Manger said.

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Addis Ababa  March 02//2018 The first decisive victory over a colonial power, victory of Adwa, “is a moment of pride in the history of Africa”, Ghanian Ambassador to Ethiopia said.

 Ambassador Azumah Awinador-Kanyirige told ENA that “Ethiopia sent them a clear message with unity and strategic leadership”, as the victory came not long after the Berlin Conference in which colonizers agreed to scramble the continent.

 The Ambassador said “lack of the sense of history and distortion of cultural heritages is leaving Africans bumpy.”

 Strategic leadership accompanied by unity resulted in the protection of history and cultural heritage, he noted.

  “If Africa was to play its rightful role then it must come together, combine its forces like the forces that were combined in the battle of Adwa to defeat external aggression and to bring back the dignity that was lost and also to help humanity” he pointed out.

 The Ambassador said that the victory denotes the importance of keeping history and cultural heritage very seriously “to do well in the present and future”.

 “The clear implication of the battle of Adwa and victory of the Ethiopian people is one lesson of unity which brings us to pan-Africanism.”

 The nature of pan-Africanism now is to create an integrated environment which unleashes the potentials of the people and reposition Africa through free continental trade and other economic integration.

 The Ambassador emphasized the importance of unity of purpose and strategic leadership to realize this.

 He said the Pan-African University to be built in Adwa will be the replication of the same concept of skill development and job creation.

"But what needs to be done is to be careful not to get carried away by that and make sure that our feet are rooted in our history and culture" he said urging the importance of sticking to culture.

 He also believes that it will change the educational system, which has been slowing the continent down, to look inward and explore the multi-dimensional knowledge of Africans and project a new personality.

 Ambassador of South Africa to Ethiopia, Ndumiso N. Ntshinga said “the victory of Adwa was one of the battles fought against domination, oppression and foreign aggression.”

  “The battle of Adwa should be seen in that context of the aspiration of African people to remain independent the aspiration of African people to enjoy their freedoms and their liberty to do as they wish,” he stressed.

 The Ambassador added that Ethiopia was at the forefront of condemning the inhumanity of apartheid and supported South Africa to gain its independence by providing military training to Nelson Mandela.

 “It does not matter who was governing Addis Ababa, all of them headed one approach towards the issue of apartheid … the different governments head one thing in common towards South Arica” he said.

 Mentioning most of Africans know their history which is made and narrated by the colonialists, he said “we also buy that narrative in some instances.”

 Speaking of the Adwa Pan-African University, he said such institutions are fundamental to reclaim who we are and a very giant step to develop as a nation as well as a continent.

 “We need that full cultural revival, renewal for us to get our children to know who they are, where they come from that our history did not start with the arrival of white people in Africa,” he pointed out.

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Addis Ababa March 02/02018 The victory of Adwa, the first battle in which an African force decisively defeated a colonial power, has been an honor for Ethiopians.

 Many are enthusiastic about the victory which Ethiopia had fought and defeated Italy 122 years ago and celebrate each year with excitement.

 As usual thousands of youth in Addis Ababa gathered today at the St George round about where the monument of Emperor Minilik II is erected, in the presence of City Mayor Driba Kuma and resident ambassadors of several countries.

 Some of the youth whom ENA has talked with said the youth need to keep the legacy of Adwa by working hard for the country’s peace, unity and prosperity.

 They said that as the victory at Adwa was made possible with the strong unity of purpose of the Ethiopian people, it is important for this generation to create unity to realize development.

 Tigst Haile, one of the participants of the event, the youth should repeat the victory of Adwa by keeping the country’s peace and unity as well as realizing prosperity.

 “In short what I want to say for my children and the youth of this generation is to safeguard our country, learn and gather knowledge, work hard and develop our country. What we need is peace; we are gathered here today due to the prevalence of peace,” she explained.

 She added “our forefathers have given a free country with their flesh and blood, so we have to respond to this historic feat by working for our country’s unity as the secret for the victory of Adwa lies in the unity and strength of our forefathers.”

 Sleshi Yared, another participant agreed with Tigist on that unity of purpose is the key towards development.

 This unity has enabled Ethiopia to become a symbol of independence and freedom for the black people, in addition to maintaining its independence.

 “Our forefathers have made possible what was believed to be impossible by defeating the Italian aggressors; we have also to fight against situations that we are facing now by creating a common understanding, building peace and unity together; we have to work for unity, for mutual respect and benefit,” he pointed out.

 Ethiopia celebrates the victory of Adwa every year to commemorate the decisive victory, which ended Italy’s attempt to build an empire in Africa.

 The victory had further significance for being the first decisive defeat of a European power by African forces during the colonial era. It changed the perception of Africans on the possibility of defeating colonial powers.

The victory led to the official recognition of Ethiopia as a sovereign state by all the colonial powers including Italy.


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