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Addis Ababa  March 02/2018 The endorsement of the state of emergency which took place today with more than two-third majority vote of parliamentarians, was a decisive step towards restoring peace and stability, some members of the parliament said.

 In an exclusive interview with ENA, Nassir Kanso from SNNPRS said “the declared state of emergency will help resolve the recent chaos and turmoil, which seemed to shake the long rooted heritage of our coexistence.”

 “Approval of the declaration is historical for all Ethiopian people, who are waiting for us to do all the necessary legal measures to protect their wellbeing by improving some of gaps seen in the previous declaration ” he pointed out.

 Mentioning the recent transportation blockade surrounding the capital as one example of the difficulty faced by the country and its people, Nassir said “it is a decisive proclamation made to avert the threat on our people.”

 Speaking of the re-appointment of the members of Inquiry Board, he urged them to take all recommendations into account in closing the gap observed during their prior term and carry out the responsibilities they are entrusted.

 Abebe Kefene (MP), from Oromia region said that all members of the parliament have expressed in favor and against the declaration of the state of emergency using their constitutional rights.

 “Members of the House have entertained their rightful role in supporting or opposing the ideas on the basis of the benefit or the other way of the emergency rule to the people they represent” he added.

 He insisted on the youth to refrain from making any mistakes against the declared state of emergency.

 Stating that it is declared to protect the constitutional order and pursue the registered economic growth as well as sustaining peace and security, Abebe noted “the people will primary carry out the state of emergency.”   

 Feyza Abdela (MP) of the Somali Region, on her part appreciated the parliament’s discussion saying “it was fruitful in addressing the concerns of safety of the general public.”

“I am happy that the state of emergency was endorsed wining the majority of the house because it is done on the very basis of the country’s current situation and protecting its people.”

 Approval of the state of emergency and appointment of the Inquiry Board were fruitful and done democratically, Feyza added.

 After a thorough debate on the issue, it was endorsed by having 395 members for and 88 against as well as 7 abstain of the attending 490 members.




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Addis Ababa March  02/2018 The House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) in its first urgent meeting today has approved the state of emergency that was endorsed by the Council of Ministers on February 16, 2018.

 After thoroughly debating on the matter, 395 of the 490 total attending members supported the approval and 88 opposed while 7 abstained.

 The state of emergency is declared to protect the constitution and constitutional order from threat and safeguard the wellbeing of citizens, which was unable with the regular law enforcement.

 It will also protect the ethnic centered attacks and dislocation of people and maintain the long rooted heritage of living in coexistence in peace and stability.

 Thus, the state of emergency will primarily focus on the masterminds of the conflict and chaos conspiracy conceivers.

 Agreeing on the approval of the state of emergency, members of the parliament raised and suggested some procedural improvements to the established Command Post.

 The Command Post’s taking charge in protecting land invasion, inclusion of regional chief administers, and reducing the duration of the emergency and allocation of budget were among the issues raised by members of the parliament.

 Mentioning that ineffectiveness of regional authorities has played to the declaration, Federal Attorney General, Getachew Ambaye said “now it is the moment in which the Command Post in collaboration with the Regional Security Councils to work towards peace and stability.”

 He added the Command Post will protect activities of illegal land invasion, construction, and replacement of investors, since the areas were not handled by some of the regional governments.

 The issue of area elections of the two city administrations, which is approaching, was also raised and the Attorney General said “ways of managing the elections will be looked at after ensuring the peace and security of the people.”

 In related news, the House has also re-appointed seven members of ex- Inquiry Board, deeming that they would execute in a better way from the experience they gained.

 The declared state of emergency has five parts and 18 chapters including legitimate measure and prohibited actions, duties of the Command Post and Inquiry Board as well as prosecution and judicial process.


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US Secretary of State to Visit Ethiopia

Addis Ababa March  02/2018 The U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson will pay a working visit to Ethiopia next week as part of his trip to Africa.

 His trip to Africa is aimed at exchanging views on peace and security in the Horn of Africa and the continent at large, and the fight against terrorism.

 It is also intended at looking for ways to further enhance the U.S.-Africa cooperation in democracy and development.

 The Secretary of State will also visit Kenya, Nigeria, and Chad as part of his trip.

 The two countries were reiterated their commitment to reinforce partnership in various areas, during the visit of Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyehu to the U.S. few weeks ago.

 Promotion of regional peace and security, fighting against terrorism, enhancing development, building democracy and protection of human rights, were the areas the two countries agreed to strengthen cooperation.

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Addis Ababa  March  02/2018  Ethiopia will not expect to face any danger from the ‘belg’ rains expected between February and April in terms of flooding, the National  Meteorological Agency (NMA) said. 

 Despite the expectation in most parts of the country that usually get ‘belg rains’ to receive normal to dominantly above normal rainfall, the Agency said there will be no danger of flooding.

 A statement from the Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forum (GHACOF) indicated that the possibility of flash floods in parts of the Horn of Africa including Ethiopia due to heavy rainfall.

 During this season, normal to above normal rainfall is expected over parts of Western Ethiopia, South Sudan, Southwestern Uganda, Northeastern Rwanda and Southern Tanzania.

 According to the Forum, heavy rainfall in some areas could lead to flash floods.

 Director for Meteorological Forecast and Early Warning System at NMA, Asaminew Teshome told ENA that the country will not expect floods like it encountered the previous year.

 He said that floods that will impact the development endeavors in the country are not expected in the current season compared to the previous years.

  “There is no threat of negative impacts of flooding, we will not expect floods that could lead to destruction on agricultural and infrastructural activities for this Belg Season Rains” he said.

 “We will not expect the occurrence of flooding which could lead to much significant negative impact for this Belg season rains of 2018, ,” Asaminew clearly pointed out.

 The Agency will continue to disseminate timely and appropriate information to the public as well as concerned bodies so as to make all the necessary preparations ahead of time, in case the situation changed.

 Even though the belg rains are not expected to pose danger, the National Disaster Risk Management is ready to avert any disaster to be arising from flooding, PR Director Debebe Zewed told ENA.

 Based on the information obtained from the Agency and Ministry Water, Irrigation and Electricity, the Commission is working in collaboration with stakeholders, he added.

 According to him, a Flood Task Force (FTF) has established to provide the necessary support in case of flooding that may need relocating households.

  “Flood Task Force (FTF) will prepare plan enabling it to carry out an integrated efforts closely with different considered body’s to prevent impacts of flooding.”

The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resource has called on farmers, and investors involved in farming activities to take the advantage of the belg rains.


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Addis Ababa March 02/2018 Ethiopia is celebrating the 122nd anniversary of the victory of Adwa that ended Italy’s attempt to build an empire in Africa.

The victory had further significance for being the first decisive defeat of a European power by African forces during the colonial era. It changed the perception of Africans on the possibility of defeating colonial powers.

The victory led to the official recognition of Ethiopia as a sovereign state by all the colonial powers including Italy.

The Treaty of Addis Ababa, which abrogated the Treaty of Wichale and reestablished peace, was signed between Ethiopia and Italy in October 1896.

The Italian claim to be a protectorate over Ethiopia was thereafter abandoned.

Various treaties concluded with Italy, France, and Great Britain in the years up to 1908 fixed the borders of Ethiopia with the neighboring territories ruled by the European powers.

The day is marked at the national level at the town of Adwa, where the battle took place in the presence of President Mulatu Teshome.

Invited guests, officials of the federal and regional governments, members of the federal and regional patriots associations have joined the residents of Adwa in celebrating the occasion.

Brass band of the Northern Command of the Defense Force and artists from the National Theatre presented marches and stage performances related to the commemoration of the Battle of Adwa.

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Addis Ababa March 01/2018 Ethiopian Airlines has opened information communication technology (ICT) training center aimed at modernizing the aviation industry.

The training center opened in collaboration with Microsoft 4Afrika will provide training for aviation professionals in information technology.

Group CEO Ethiopian Airlines, Tewolde Gebremariam said at the opening ceremony the agreement between the two companies will help strengthen university-industry connection.

According to the CEO, the agreement will also have a significant role in developing the skill of aviation professionals and creating better job opportunities in the sector.

Tewolde stated that every industry in Africa is changing through technology and becoming equally vulnerable to risk, adding that the aviation industry is also passing through this trend.

He explained that there is no better way than using technologies to understand and provide better service for customers.

The CEO further stressed the need for producing skilled youths that are highly qualified in technology.

Microsoft 4Afrika Ethiopia Director, Amrot Abdella said the agreement will help to produce highly skilled professionals in digital and modern technology that will help increase the company’s competition by strengthening the youth’s capacity in digital transformation.

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Addis Ababa March 01/2018 Ministry of Science and Technology has launched a national digital library which provides easy access to information.

Science and Technology Information Center Director-General Fisha Yetagesu said the National Digital Library of Ethiopia will solve the challenges people in the teaching-and learning process are facing.

Furthermore, it will drastically reduce expenses institutions allot for the purchase of books and e-books, he added.

It will also enable students and researchers to freely access the material they need and curtail plagiarism that has become a problem these days, the Director-General noted.

The digital library will also be good source for inputs to policymakers and executive bodies.

According to Fisha, everyone can access books, articles, researches, and international agreements through

Currently, the digital library has over 57,000 books and more that 1.2 million data available, it was indicated.

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Addis Ababa March 01/2018 Preparations have been finalized to mark March 8 at national level with several events, including a discussion on peace that involves over 1,500 participants drawn from all parts of the country, Women and Children Affairs Minister Demitu said.

In a press briefing she gave today, Demitu Hambissa stated that the ministry has conducted different public movements in relation to the activities to be conducted on the day.

According to her, over 3.5 million women that have managed to save close to 9 billion birr last Ethiopian year through the ministry and the Federal Cooperative Agency will be organized in clusters to later operate in agro-business and manufacturing.

She indicated that the discussion, which will involve the participants drawn from all over the country, will discuss about the role of women in sustaining peace in the country.

As side events, blood donation and city cleaning campaign will be carried out with the view to promoting the nation's ambition to create a beautiful and clean city, it was learned.

This year Women’s Day will be marked for the 42nd time under the theme “Time is now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives.”

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Addis Ababa March 01/2018 Ministry of Foreign Affairs said commendable achievements have been registered in promoting economic diplomacy.

The ministry has facilitated foreign direct investments, solicited market outlets for Ethiopian commodities and organized promotional activities, and engaged in supporting transfer of technology for different sectors over the last six months, a press release from the ministry stated.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Melese Alem said the ministry organized pre-investment visits for 39 large companies based abroad  and 72 visited that country during the last half of Ethiopian fiscal year.

Some of these companies are already engaged in pre-investment assessment options, he added.

Most of the companies seeking to invest in Ethiopia were from Asia and Oceania and the number of investors from Europe, the Americas and the Middle East and Africa has been increasing, it was learned.

Some 537 small and medium companies were also assisted to visit Ethiopia to conduct feasibility studies. The ministry also supported businesspersons by providing information on various joint venture activities for 26 local and foreign companies.

Furthermore, it organized 45 business-to-business forums, 25 trade fairs and exhibitions which enabled local businesspersons and foreign companies to introduce their products to local markets and facilitated business networking mechanisms for 41 local business firms, the press release stated.

In addition, the ministry reportedly selected 22 tour operators and enabled them to enlist 21 tour packages in the country.

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