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Addis Ababa March 10/2018 The Executive Committee of the Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) will begin its meeting tomorrow.

 The committee is expected to discuss about the current situation of the country and evaluate the status of the in-depth reform that started last year.

 In line with this, all the four member organizations of the front have reportedly finalized their evaluations a fortnight ago.

 The Executive Committee of the front is meeting tomorrow to evaluate the performances of the organizations in the presence of all executive members of the respective organizations.

 Next, the Council of EPRDF that includes members of the Executive Committee will elect Chairperson of the EPRDF and fill other vacant posts in the executive committee.

 On the other hand, meeting of the EPRDF Congress, which was scheduled to take place this Ethiopian month, is expected to be postponed.

 It is to be recalled that EPRDF Chairman and Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn had resigned to be part of the solution to the crisis in the country.

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Addis Ababa March 09/2018 Foreign Minister of Sergey Lavrov announced his country’s desirous to make Ethiopia center of excellence in science and technology in Africa.

The visiting Minister made the announcement while discussing with President Mulatu Teshome in Addis Ababa.

According to Meles Alem, Spokesperson of Ethiopia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russia is eager to establish center of excellence in Ethiopia.

Russia decided to establish the center believing that the country has a huge potential for the field as well as its recognition at the continental level.

According to Meles, President Mulatu Teshome has welcomed the plan as it will help to boost innovation in the country.

The relationship between Ethiopia and Russia which started 120 years ago, doesn't reach the desired level.

The then Soviet Union was among the five countries that opposed Italy’s idea of colonizing Ethiopia. history has recorded that members of the Russian red cross  were supporting Ethiopian patriots during the battle of Adwa.

The visit of Sergey Lavrov is expected to boost the age-long and historic relationship.


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Addis AbabaMarch 09/2018 The visit of the foreign ministers of UAE, U.S, and Russia is a diplomatic victory for Ethiopia, Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyehu said.

In his presser, Workneh said the week can be considered as historic that ensures diplomatic victory as it helped to discuss ways of further consolidating bilateral ties with each country.

He said the visit of the three foreign ministers does not connect with the current situation rather it is a scheduled program aimed at discussing on bilateral cooperation.

He indicated that the visit is recognition for Ethiopia’s role in the region, the continent and global peace and stability efforts.

The visit of the U.S Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson displayed the strong desire from that side to enhance in partnership.

Agreements have been reached to improve partnership and cooperation particularly in economic sphere.

Similarly, the discussion with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was concerned on strengthening the relationship established 120 years ago, he added.

Ethiopia’s relation with Russia is not ideological but depends on mutual interests that can benefit the peoples of both countries, Workneh added.

Agreement was also reached with the Russian Minister to further strength the ties in the economic sector particularly trade, investment and energy.

Speaking about the visit by UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Workneh said is successful in that they reached consensus to strength economic and diplomatic ties.

The two sides have discussed and agreed the need to work for the protection of the rights and dignity of Ethiopian workers in UAE. They are working to conclude the labor agreement.

They also discussed ways of consolidating cooperation in trade and investment by encouraging more UAE investment in Ethiopia. Some 98 UAE projects with a combined capital of 10 billion USD are being underway in Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia, Russia to Reinforce Ties

Addis Ababa March 09/2018 Ethiopia and Russia through their foreign ministers have agreed to reinforce diplomatic and economic relations to heighten the level of their partnership.

Foreign ministers of both countries today discussed on a number of issues that would further bolster the over 100-year ties.

Enhancing ties in the economic area including trade and investment as well as peace and security was among the agenda of the ministers.

Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu during the joint presser said both countries have a desire to improve their multi-faceted relationships.

He expressed Ethiopia’s confidence over the age-long and historic relationship of the two countries.

Though the two countries established diplomatic relations officially in April 1943, the history of their relationship has its origins before. The Soviet Union was one of the five nations which refused to acknowledge Italy's occupation of Ethiopia.

“We agreed on and we are proceeding to work on nuclear energy for peaceful purpose that is also another development that we agreed with his Excellency Sergey Lavrov” he said.

“And also the other good news is we are going to start very soon, after we finish all process, to start direct flight from Addis Ababa to Moscow that will help to boost people to people relationship, and economic development and trade between the two countries” he elaborated.

Dr. Workneh indicated that their discussion was very fruitful as they talked bilateral issues on the economic ties, investment and trade.

“This visit helps to make reflection on our outstanding, long-standing and historic past and back on working transitions to the modern times and upcoming generations” , he said.

“We are very delighted to work in all aspects and thus the visit will assist this relationship to boost in to other high level”, Dr. Workneh elaborated.

The Russian Minister, Sergey Lavrov said the two countries have given emphasis to the need to enhance the cooperation in trade, and investment.

“We have agreed to give an addition of boost to the work of intergovernmental commission for the sake of implementing joint projects in a number of domains such as energy, biological researches, direct flight connections and many other”, he said.

He said, “We have planning a number of intergovernmental agreements as well as memorandum of understanding that are going to reinforce the legal foundation of our relation.”

Lavrov added that Russia will also work with Ethiopia for the peaceful resolution security issues in the horn of Africa such as South Sudan.

Ethiopia and Russia are celebrating the establishment of 120th year of diplomatic relationship with several events and the visit of Russian Foreign Minister to Ethiopia is part the celebrations.

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