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Addis Ababa February 12/2018 The Defense forces have expressed their commitment to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

The Sixth FDRE Defense Forces Day is being celebrated under the motto, "We shall be guarantor of the renaissance of our country by protecting our constitutional system and consolidating the peoples culture" through different activities.

Following a panel discussion organized in connection with the Defense Forces Day at Kolfe Keranyo Sub-city today, Head of Inspection Office at Ministry of Defense, Major General Hachalu Shelama, told ENA that the defense forces have gained recognition from the respecting the public and the Constitution.

The defense forces have been active actors in community development, he added.

Armed Forces Hospital Quality Control and Evaluation Head, Colonel Silas Gebremikael said they have been participating in charity in addition to ensuring and protecting the nation.

She added that they have been supporting poor farmers during harvest and the needy people in different parts of the country by building houses.

The discussion points at the panel were the role and image of the defense forces.

The panel discussion covered various topics, including the contribution of the defense forces to the prevention of human and natural disasters and environmental protection efforts.

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Charges on Bekele Gerba and Others Dropped

Addis Ababa February 12/2018 Charges on seven detainees suspected of trespassing against the laws of the country by taking part in conflicts including Bekele Gerba have already dropped, the Federal Attorney General unveiled.

 The detainees whose charges are dropped include Bekele Gerba, Gurmesa Ayana, Addisu Bulala, Dejene Tafa, Getu Garuma, Tesfaye Liben and Beyene Ruda.

 Since the individuals are sentenced to six months in jail for contempt of court, the Office has to present a proposal for the President of the country in order for them to be pardoned.

 The charges were dropped after the Office of Attorney General applied for the Federal High Court to drop the charges as per its authority bestowed upon it through the proclamation providing for its establishment.

 The decision to drop cases of detainees suspected of trespassing the law came following the direction by the Executive Committee of the EPRDF to widen the political space.

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Addis Ababa February 12/2018 “Despite all the challenges and issues Ethiopia’s economy is still growing strongly, still attracting a lot of foreign investment”, former Prime Minister of UK Tony Blair said.

 The former Prime Minister and Executive Chairman of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, Tony Blair made the remark following the discussion with Prime Minister Hailemariam  Dessalegn in Addis Ababa.

 Ethiopia has continue to register strong economic growth over the past years in spite of the 2015 El Nino induced drought, which left millions of Ethiopians to be dependent on food aid.

 Blair appreciated the progress that the Horn African country has made in various areas in spite of the challenges.

 “For those who watched Ethiopia for several decades, it is always important to remember how far Ethiopia has come today from where it was back in the 1980’s. I think this is important to recognize,” he appreciated.

 Noting the importance to support this progress, he said his institute will continue to support Ethiopia specifically in delivery of basic services, and industrialization program, among other areas.

 “The one thing we do and try to help the government is to focus on basic issues of delivery; electricity, clean water, and waste management things that make a difference in those lives” he said.

 Encouraging job creation, sustaining proper education and training as well as the industrialization are the other areas that the institute likes to provide support.

 During the discussion Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn has briefed the former Prime Minister on the ongoing economic growth and the industrialization process.

 “I was struck by the degree to which the Prime Minister is absolutely focused on how he makes the improvements in the country that will help the country move to the next level of development”, he added.

 After having a thorough discussion both the Premier and Blair have agreed to strengthen the ongoing support extended by the Institute.

 The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change has started supporting Ethiopia towards realizing goals related to industrialization since 2014.

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Addis Ababa February 12/2018 Representatives of road funds from 35 African countries will be gathered in Addis Ababa to discuss on ways of realizing goals in Agenda 2063 regarding road sector development.

 A total of 200 participants including regional, continental and international organizations are expected to attend the meeting to be held from 19th -23rd February, 2018.

 The 16th annual assembly aims to share knowledge and experience among member countries, thereby explore options on how to resolve challenges.

 Briefing local media today Rashid Mohammed, Director General of ARMFA said the meeting will serve as a forum for African road fund agencies to reach consensus on common issues towards achieving Agenda 2063.

 Apart from endorsing the 2016-2017 audit report, the Assembly will also review and adopt the 2017 financial and physical report and endorse budget for 2018.

 Election of the next ARMFA president and executive committee members are among key agendas of the general assembly.

 Government officials, chief executive officers and senior representatives of the road funds are amongst the expected participants to the upcoming meeting.

 ARMFA is a non political and non-governmental association established in 2003 by African countries that have Road Funds.

 It offers a platform for exchange of information and ideas among member countries and creating enabling environment to interact in the areas of road maintenance.

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