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Addis Ababa February 01/2018 Egyptian Ambassador to Ethiopia Abu Bakr Hefny said that the relationship between Ethiopia and Egypt must be like an “Orthodox marriage without divorce”.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the Ambassador said the relations between the two countries are everlasting and historical.

The Ambassador noted that the relationship between the two countries has reached the highest level in terms of diplomacy.

He said the peoples of Ethiopia and Egypt have been enjoying close relationship since ancient times due to religion and civilization.

Ambassador Hefny urged the need to further consolidate economic, diplomatic and people-to-people relations between the two countries.

According to the Ambassador, the recent visit of Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn to Cairo represents a major step forward in the relations between the two countries.

The discussion between the two leaders set important milestone in the promotion of diplomatic and political relations.

The discussion has also contributed to the conclusion of agreements to cooperate in various areas including trade and hospitality industry, the establishment of an agricultural fund in Ethiopia, and Egyptian industrial zone.

In addition to strong diplomatic ties, the two countries are working in collaboration in the health sector, where Egyptian health professionals provide voluntary services in Ethiopia during different times.

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Addis Ababa February  01/2018  The East African skills for transformation and regional integration project (EASTRIP) that is intended to build the capacity of technical and vocational training institutions in the region is to be implemented.

The five-year project will be implemented in 2019 in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania, the World Bank said.

The three countries are selected for the implementation of the project due to their better performance in the area and their strong partnership with the World Bank.

The project will help the countries improve quality and accessibility of TVET education as well as allow exchange of experiences among countries in the region.

The project focuses in the areas of energy, transport, agro-processing, manufacturing and information technology.

According to the project coordinator Xiaoyan Liang, the project will be implemented in 15 TVET institutions intended to be centers of excellence in the three countries.

Strengthening capacity of the institutions and countries as well as promoting interconnectivity among countries in the region is key to the project, the coordinator said.

Supporting TEVT graduates to integrate with industries, assisting them in designing market-oriented and competitive programs, conducting TOT for trainers and administrators are some of the activities included in the project.

Technical support in upgrading classroom materials, building capacity of policy-makers and improving financial management of the institutions is another task to be conducted through the project.

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