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Addis Ababa September 10/2017  President Dr. Mulatu Teshome said the upcoming year should be a period that citizens are working in harmony for the realization of the country's development goals.

 In his New Year message, the President urged the need to consolidate efforts for the sustainability of the country's rapid economic growth.

 He added that activities towards eradication of poverty and realization of all goals set in the five-year Growth and Transformation Plan need to continue getting special attention.

 In order to realize the country's goals, the country needs to work on improving its competitiveness at global level.

 Modernizing the agriculture sector and improving the value chain, thereby accelerate the structural transformation will be among the major activities to be conducted in the coming years.  

 Saying that the national agenda towards development should be the responsibility of all citizens, the President urged all citizens should prevent destructive activities.

 The President has announced that some 697 prisons obtained pardon in connection to the Ethiopian New Year.

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