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Addis Ababa August 8, 2017 In their third day of negotiations on the Proclamation for Registration of Political Parties, the 17 national political parties have added seven new Articles and amended 13.

Media Committee Chairperson of the Negotiations and Deputy Chairperson of Ethiopian Democratic Union (EDU), Gebru Berhe said the political parties have negotiated and agreed on most of the 31 Articles they have discussed so far.

One of the newly added Articles states that a party shall be called a country-wide political party when it has a national program, offices in four of the regional states, and two city administrations, he added.

Similarly, a party shall be called a regional political party if it has a regional program and 10 percent office coverage in either woredas or zones of the particular region.

An Article that prohibits the activities of any entity to hinder the renting of offices by parties is also among the newly introduced articles.

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia should do all the necessary work to build the capacity of political parties is another article added to the proclamation.

The parties also agreed that the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia monitors whether the decision-making body of a party manages the party democratically and is participatory, the Chairperson said.

Moreover, the parties have added a new article which demands that parties incorporate the total number of the general assembly members, decision-making process, average regular conference holding period, and preparations of the conference in their by-laws.

The political parties further agreed to add an article which obliges political parties to notify the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia within 30 days before the meeting of the assembly when they elect new leadership.

Among the amended 13 Articles includes the agreement to raise the number of founding members for a country-wide party to 3,000  and 1,500 for a regional political party.

The parties are expected to conclude their negotiations on the proclamation tomorrow.

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Addis Ababa August 8, 2017 The total asset of the three public financial institutions has reached 523 billion birr, the Ethiopian Public Financial Institutions Agency disclosed.

Briefing journalists today, Agency Director General Dr. Sentayehu Woldemichael said the total asset of the three public financial institutions, namely the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Development Bank of Ethiopia and Ethiopian Insurance Corporation, has hit 523 billion birr.

Although the plan of the institutions for the last Ethiopian fiscal year was 517 billion birr, they have managed to secure total asset of 523 billion birr, he added.

This is an increase of 82.64 billion birr as compared with that of the previous fiscal year.

According to the Director General, 332.12 billion birr out of the total 523 billion birr has been earned as a net capital.

The lion’s share or 85 percent of the total asset goes to the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, which registered a total of 465. 8 billion birr, he elaborated.

The Development Bank of Ethiopia’s share was 53.12 billion birr and the remaining 4.12 billion birr was secured by the Ethiopian Insurance Corporation.

Total profit of the three public finance institutions in the fiscal year stands at 15.64   billion birr or 95 percent that goes to the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

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Addis Ababa August 8, 2017 Ethiopia and Gabon have agreed to strengthen their relationship in several fields.

President Mulatu Teshome met with departing Gabonese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Marie-Edith Tassyla-Ye-Doumbeneny at the National Palace today.

During the occasion, the officials have discussed about ways of strengthening their relationship to implement the agreements signed on economic and general cooperation in 2011.

President Mulatu Teshome said the countries have to work together to successfully implement the agreements and the African Union Agenda 2063.

The outgoing Gabonese ambassador on her part has expressed her country's readiness to work with Ethiopia on several fields.

Tassyla-Ye-Doumbeneny said that Gabon wants to reinforce the fifteen years diplomatic relationship with Ethiopia.

“Ethiopia has wide experience in tourism, agriculture and livestock; and we want to share the best practices between the two countries”, she noted.

The ambassador who has served as Gabon’s Ambassador to Ethiopia for two years is appointed Minister of Economic Plan Commission.

Ethiopia and Gabon established  diplomatic relationship in 1967.


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Addis Ababa August 8, 2017 The number of people who need humanitarian assistance in the second half of 2017 has increased to 8.5 million from 5.6 million in January, the National Disaster Risk Management Commission disclosed.

Erratic spring rains, the resultant reduction in animal feed, poor harvest and dwindling water resources exacerbated the situation, a press release the Commission sent to ENA said.

Ethiopia along with partners has conducted food security assessment between May 23 and June 22 to revise the humanitarian requirement document (HRD) for the second half of 2017.

According to the Mid-Year Review of the 2017 HRD, the net requirement to address identified food and non-food needs for the remainder of the year is 487.7 million USD.

In January, the number of people affected by the drought had dropped to 5.6 million from the 10.2 million last year, showing a 44 percent decline.

The government has been playing its leading role in curbing the drought by allocating huge amount of money and mobilizing resources by allocating 47 million USD.

Command posts for early warning, monitoring and evaluating humanitarian aid needs; and warehouses have already established close to the affected areas, in order to effectively curb the drought.

While Ethiopia continues to recover from the devastating 2016 El Niño induced drought, erratic rains this year in the southern and eastern parts of the country and loss of livelihood assets has exacerbated drought conditions. 

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