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Addis Ababa July 08/2017 Ethiopia’s contribution in restoring peace and stability in Somalia is exemplary and paved the way for the international community to play role, said Ambassador-at-large Abdirashid A. Sed.

Ambassador Sed told ENA that Ethiopia has been striving to maintain peace and stability in Somalia including by deploying its troops under the AU.

“Ethiopia is a leading member of the AMISOM; without Ethiopian forces in Somalia even those nations who are helping us today could not have been able to come to Somalia" he said.

“When Somalia was abandoned in 1995 by the international community and UN withdraws its forces, no forces and no other countries were there, Somalis were left alone to fight, to kill each other and to destroy their country,” Sed said.

“Fortunately the IGAD states stood to help their brothers who were in need to have peace and stability in Somalia whereby Ethiopia was the first country to send its troops” he said.

Ethiopian soldiers died in Somalia while helping Somalia in its efforts to ensure lasting peace and stability, he added.

"Therefore, Ethiopia has created an environment where other nations come to Somalia, Moquadisho, Kisimayo, Baidewa and other trouble spot area in the central Somalia and we thanks to the government and people of Ethiopia,” he stressed.

In addition to striving for the stability of Somalia, Ambassador Sed said Ethiopia is contributing a lot to the Somali people by welcoming them as refugees.

“The people of Ethiopia were always generous to welcome despite their limitations, and this land is the mother and father of Africa” he underlined.

This unreserved support of Ethiopians the ambassador explained, “was not something only from the government it was also from the hearts of the Ethiopian people”. 

Former Secretary General of the African Economic Commission Prof. Carlos López agreed that Ethiopia is hope for refugees who fled civil war, drought and atrocities in their countries.

López, a professor at the University of Cape Town, said Ethiopia is playing crucial role in the region both in promoting peace and sheltering refugees.

The country is known for welcoming, accommodating and supporting a large number of refugees said Professor López.


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Addis Ababa July 08/2017   900,000 youth are expected to take part in the provision of voluntarily services in Addis Ababa during the summer season.

Deputy President of the Addis Ababa Youth Federation, Abinet Asmara said the youth will be engaged in many activities including provision of tutorials, blood donation, planting trees and environmental protection.

Rehabilitating and sending back children living in the streets to their home towns, supporting the elderly and raising awareness of communities regarding human trafficking are also among the services to be provided by the youth.

Abinet said the voluntary service planned to be provided by the youth is worth 50 million Birr.


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Addis Ababa July 08/2017 The European Commission has announced new humanitarian assistance of 60 million Euros to help people in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya, facing food insecurity due to drought.

The bulk of the funding, 40 million Euros, will go to the most vulnerable people in Somalia, while 15 million Euros will go to Ethiopia and 5 million Euros to Kenya.

The aid will also support projects addressing water supply, livestock protection and response to disease outbreaks.

Some 17 million people are in urgent need of food.

This additional assistance brings EU humanitarian aid to the Horn of Africa region including Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda to nearly 260 million Euros since the beginning of 2017.


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Kombolcha Industrial Park Inaugurated

Kombolcha July 08/2017 The first phase of the Kombolcha Industrial Park, which was constructed with a total of 90 million USD, inaugurated Saturday in the presence of Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn.

In his remark, Hailemariam noted the importance of industrial parks for the ongoing economic transformation and stressed “The completion of Kombolcha Industrial Park today is a big step forward in the economic transformation of the country”.
“The inauguration of Kombolcha Industrial Park is a great indicator of the country’s economic transformation which is on the right track,” he pointed out.

Ethiopia has been engaged in the development of industrial parks pursuing the effective and fruitful experiences of Asian countries, Hailemariam noted.

Construction of the second phase of the park will be launched following the commencement of production by companies that would settle in the park.

The Kombolcha Industrial Park - a park that will gather companies engaged in the textile and garment - is expected to enhance the country’s export trade.

CEO of the Industrial Parks Development Corporation, Sisay Gemechu said that companies to occupy the nine sheds constructed in the first phase of the Industrial Park will create jobs for more than 20,000 individuals.

According to him, companies from the U.S., Korea and Italy have requested to plant their industries in the industrial park.

Of the total shades, 70 percent is dedicated to foreign anchor companies, while 30 percent will be occupied by local companies.

The first phase of the park which is built on 75 hectares of land in nine months has shopping center, health, fire and emergency facilities as well as maintenance services.

The park's closeness to the port - 480km away from the port of Dibouti - is expected to catch the attention of many global anchor companies.

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