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Addis Ababa July 11/2017 The government will further intensify its efforts to bring undocumented citizens living in Saudi Arabia safely, according to Ethiopia’s Embassy in Riyadh.

This was disclosed in a report the embassy presented on the activities it has been carrying out to return citizens from Saudi Arabia to development association leaders and volunteers.

In its report, the embassy stated that it is working even on holidays to facilitate the return of the citizens safely.

Participants of the meeting on their part expressed their appreciation for the efforts the government has been exerting and urged members of the community to meet their responsibility.

They noted that documented Ethiopians who have sheltered illegal citizens should encourage the undocumented to return home before the deadline.

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Amin Abdulkadir appreciated the initiative taken by the participants and called on the undocumented not to miss the deadline.

Out of the over 400,000 estimated undocumented Ethiopians living in Saudi Arabia, 50,000 have arrived home from the total 110,000 people who secured exit visa.

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Addis Ababa July 11/2017 President Mulatu Teshome has asked the outgoing Swedish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Jan Sadek, to encourage his country’s businesspersons to invest in agriculture and education sectors.

The Swedish Ambassador bid farewell today to the President at the National Palace.

 During the occasion, the president said Sweden is a very important partner for Ethiopian development in terms of agriculture, education, including other investment sectors.

 He asked the Ambassador to do more to motivate Swedish companies to invest in Ethiopia.

Ambassador Sadek said on his part the bilateral relation between the two nations has developed very well.

According to him, the officials have discussed about the historical relations between Sweden and Ethiopia that started in the 19th century when Swedish missionaries came and built schools and health clinics in Ethiopia.

Sweden has built around six thousand schools in this country, Ambassador Sadek said. 

“We have concluded that we have very good historical relations and agreed that we must look ahead in the future. We talked about the economic ties between Sweden and Ethiopia where a lot of Swedish companies are interested to come to Ethiopia and invest”, he stated.

The departing Ambassador cited the presence of the pioneer Swedish companies H&M and Ericsson Company operating in Ethiopia.

The outgoing Ambassador further said “we see a lot of potential for future growth in our relationships. You have the best coffee in the world and Sweden is the second biggest coffee importer per capita in the world; and we like quality coffee so we like Ethiopian coffee. We also buy your beautiful flowers.”  

According to Ambassador Sadek, there are many areas where Ethiopia and Sweden can cooperate on issues like climate change, which is a great challenge to the globe.

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Addis Ababa July 11/2017 The draft resolution document prepared with regard to the Lower Omo Valley at the 41st UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting in Krakow, Poland, was revised in line with the interest of Ethiopia, according to a press release of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The revise draft document took into consideration the achievements of the country and its commitment toward preserving heritages. As a result, the committee’s decision to make studies in Lower Omo Valley undertake “strategic environmental study” was reversed and replaced by the phrase that “environmental impact study” be carried out along the interest of Ethiopia, the release added.

The statement stated that the revised draft document submitted by the Ethiopian delegation was accepted by UNESCO World Heritage Committee. This decision has immense use to the heritage registration and development activities the country carries out in the future.

The Lower Omo Valley is located in south-western Ethiopia and extends over an area of 165 square kilometers.

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