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Addis Ababa March 3/2017 Ethiopia will strive hard for the implementation of the various cooperation agreements it signs with different nations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) said.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Tewolde Mulugeta said the various agreements signed between Ethiopia and South Sudan as well as between Ethiopia and Liberia recently thus require attention so that they could be implemented fruitfully.

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir Mayardit and Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf have visited the country recently.

According to the spokesperson, the two countries have expressed commitment to realize the various agreements they concluded with Ethiopia.

Ministerial or high-level officials will therefore evaluate and monitor the implementation of the agreements in the respective countries annually.

During a press conference he gave to journalist today, Tewolde revealed that Ethiopia and South Sudan have signed 8 agreements on trade, human trafficking, media and infrastructure development, among others.

Similarly, Liberia has signed five agreements with Ethiopia to cooperate in areas of technical and vocational education, industrial development, and health, it was indicated.

The spokesperson further stated that the countries are keen to cooperate in areas of trade and investment as well as tourism.

Tewolde stressed that Ethiopia has continued to work on mutual benefits with sisterly African countries in general and neighboring countries in particular.

Responding to a question on the security of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam where attempts were made to attack it, the spokesperson said anti-peace forces cannot succeed in damaging the dam as it is well protected.

Ethiopia is always ready to protect the dam from any enemy, he stressed.

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Addis Ababa March 03/2017 A memorandum of understanding on capacity building was signed here today between Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE) and Addis Ababa University.

ESLSE Acting CEO, Mesfin Tefera said the overall objectives of the memorandum are to enhance the capacity of its staff, to support Babogaya Maritime Academy that will start providing training for prospective mariners, and to run research and development with the university.

Expressing the importance of the MoU, the acting CEO said “we will benefit from this memorandum of understanding not only  at company level but also sector-wise.”

He pointed out that the academy needs “multi-disciplinary support, meaning training in engineering, management, and supply chain management as well as training at masters’ level for leaders. That is why we selected Addis Ababa University (AAU) for its rich experience”.

AAU President Professor Admasu Tsegaye said on his part AAU “is trying to extend its services to different organizations and we are focusing on industry-university partnership and the like”.

Being the oldest and prestigious university, “we are focusing on establishing different centers of excellence in eastern and southern Africa in areas of railway technology, water management, biodiversity and teaching,” Professor Admasu added.

Professor Admasu lauded the initiative taken by the ESLSE in recognizing the rich potentials of the AAU, which is a new beginning of looking inward.

ESLSE has a multitude of vessels, heavy duty trucks, sea and dry port facilities, chicaneries, etc that enable it to render efficient sea and land transport services as well as sea and dry port services it was learned.

The enterprise owns and manages 11 vessels, 9 of which are dry cargo ships with a total carrying capacity of 400,000 tons at a time (i.e., an average of 300 containers by each vessel), and the other 2 are oil tankers, each capable of transporting 42,000 metric tons of oil. Some 9 (nine) of these vessels are brand new.

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Addis Ababa March 3, 2017 Ethiopia and Latin American countries need to further exploit the existing potentials of trade and investment between the countries, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

Director-General of Americas Affairs at the Ministry Ambassador Tebeje Berhe said the bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Latin American countries is ‘warm’ but trade and investment ties are not at expected level.

Currently, eight Latin American countries have established their embassies in Ethiopia which Tebeje said is ‘positive development’ and more countries are expected to establish their embassies in the future.

“This would help to strengthen the relations between our country and Latin American countries. This would help to engage the country in productive trade and investment relations with these countries”, he added.

“We have a number of cooperation areas that we are working on, for example, with Brazil; we had long standing diplomatic relations starting in 1960s. So we want to increase particularly the trade and investment cooperation and technical and technology transfer”, he said.


Over the past ten years some 12 investors from Brazil have been operating in Ethiopia with an outlay of more than 80 million USD. According to the information from Ethiopian Investment Commission, these projects created more than 1500 permanent jobs for citizens.

Tebeje noted that there is a growing interest from big companies in Brazil to invest in Ethiopia in various areas and large companies are conducting preliminary assessments to start investment project here.

"Trade and investment is very important for Ethiopia and likewise for Latin American countries as well. Because, when you have trade and investment relations with Latin American countries, it would also help to open the door for other African countries in our region, so we need to work on this”, he elaborated.

Noting that Brazilian investment is very little, Octavio Henrique Cortes, Ambassador of Brazil to Ethiopia said a lot of Brazilian companies are interested to invest in the country.

“We are targeting some areas that comply with the GTP-2, and we already have industries that are interested in investing in garment and textile, construction building basically infrastructural operations like, railways, roads, airport development, irrigation projects and hydro electricity”, he said.

The main strategies now is gathering information and inform the Brazilian people on the importance and the opportunities present in Ethiopia as well as the possibilities for Ethiopians to cooperate with their Brazilian counterparts in many fields, he said.

“We have very small figures of investment at this point and I am hoping that by the end of my tenure here significant number of Brazilian companies will be established here”, he added.

Bilateral Trade

Trade between the Ethiopia and Latin American countries is low. Among the instruments that could help to boost trade and investment ties is the availability of direct flight.

“I think we have a very good instrument to follow this strategy which is the direct flight from Ethiopian Airlines. You can fly from Sao Paulo which is the largest industrial city of Brazil to Addis Ababa in 13 hours” he said.

Ethiopian Airlines flies nonstop to Sao Paulo three times a week. Agreement has already been signed to start flights to Argentina in 2018 and discussion is underway for another flight route to Ecuador, it was learnt.

Such a travel links particularly, through Ethiopian Airlines would create better conditions and is instrumental in the facilitation of trade and investment between Ethiopia and Latin American countries.

Despite their potential including population, Brazil the most populated country in Latin America and Ethiopia the second in Africa, trade tie between the two countries is very low, the Ambassador noted.

“We know that to increase trade, we need to have investment on both sides. Brazil established not only commercial and economic ties with Ethiopia; I hope that cultural ties will be developed throughout the following years.” Octavio added.

Ethiopia has established its diplomatic mission in Brazil and Cuba in Latin American countries and foresees to expand its representation.

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Addis Ababa March 03/2017 Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who was on official visit to Ethiopia has lauded the implementation of Ethiopia’s industry policy and practice as exemplary process that other nations can replicate.   

While visiting the Eastern Industry Zone in Dukam, President Sirleaf said what she has seen is a correct indicator of the viability of the industrial policy of the nation.

The development of the industrial parks and other industrial firms sets a vivid example for other African countries, the president elaborated.

She said the factories located both in Hawassa Industrial Park, where she visited on Wednesday, and the Eastern Industry Zone display how far Ethiopia is moving ahead in the sector.  

The president has appreciated Ethiopia's effort in encouraging foreign investors to invest in Ethiopia and said that her country will share from the county’s experience.

President Sirleaf said the experience and practices she has seen and learnt from Ethiopia would create additional capacity for Liberia’s efforts to develop its economy, noting that the expansion of industries would help to create more jobs.

State Minister of Industry Mebrehatu Meles on his part said the industrial parks that are already constructed and under construction in different parts of the country depict that the development polices of the country are being adequately implemented.

He added that a wide range of incentives provided to both domestic and foreign investors coupled with policy provisions has helped to increase productivity in the sector.


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Addis Ababa March 03/2017 Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who was in Ethiopia on a three-day official visit departed for Liberia after concluding her visit Friday.

Education Minister Dr. Shiferaw Teklemariam saw off the President on her departure at the Bole international airport.

During her visit, President Sirleaf has discussed with high level government officials on bilateral and issues of mutual interest, and visited major industrial areas and the national museum.

Agreements that would enable the two countries boost bilateral relationships in women & children, and youth & sports have also signed.

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Ethiopia, Uganda agreed to bolster ties

Addis Ababa March 02/2017 Ethiopia and Uganda have signed agreement that would enable them enhance cooperation in women and children affairs as well as youth and sports.

The agreements were signed today following the discussion between the visiting Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on bilateral and regional issues.

They have also exchanged views on ways of implementing previously signed agreements.

In the joint conference they gave, the leaders said that they will work for the implementation of the agreements.

Noting that the bilateral tie between the two countries is strong, Prime Minister Hailemariam said that his visit will add momentum to further enhance it.

He added that the two countries will continue to work together to ensure peace and stability in Somalia and South Sudan. Hailemariam said they will extend support to the newly elected government in Somalia. 

President Museveni for his part expressed his country's desire to cooperate with Ethiopia, which he said has shown progress in the textiles and leather sector, in trade and investment.

The President has also extended a congratulatory message for the government and people of Ethiopia in connection to the 121st anniversary of the victory of Adwa.

It was recalled that President Museveni has paid a visit to Ethiopia two years ago. 


The high- level Ethiopian delegation led by Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has arrived in Uganda, Entebbe this morning on a three day official visit at the invitation of President Yoweri Museveni. 

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