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Addis Ababa  March 17/2017 Ethiopia and Djibouti have concluded 4 bilateral agreements that consolidate the cooperation of the countries in various fields.

The Djiboutian delegation led by President Ismail Omar Guelleh and Prime Minister Haileamariam Dessalegn had a joint session at National Palace today.

Agreements on Extradition, Trade Cooperation, Mutual Legal Assistance on Criminal Matters, Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in the Fields of Justice and Legal Training were signed by the two sides.

President Ismail and Prime Minister Hailemariam have agreed to continue to strengthen the existing cooperation on issues of security, trade, development and infrastructure along the common border.

The two leaders expressed their commitment to further extend and cement bilateral relations by deepening, diversifying and widening the scope of cooperation between the two countries and peoples.

The president noted that the fruit of this visit is to strengthen the friendly relationship between the two countries.

“We will work together to increase trade, investment and industrialization of two countries,” President Ismail said.

Prime Minister Hailemariam said on his part Ethiopia and Djibouti are exemplary in terms of interconnecting the two countries through railway, power, telecom, and fiber optics as well as connecting the two sides in terms of utilities like water.

He added that Djibouti is the main port for our transactions in international trade and “we cannot live without each other; we either survive or die together.”

According to the premier, the visit of the president will bring the excellent relationship to higher stage.

This is a landmark visit, Hailemariam concluded.

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Adama March 17/2017 Ethiopia has set a good example to other countries in Africa in terms of  freedom, liberty and rapid economic growth, a team of journalists from African countries said.

After visiting the place where Nelson Mandela took military training in Ethiopia, the South African journalist from eNCA, Sikelelwa Mdingi, said Ethiopia has rendered commendable contributions for the liberation of Africa.

Ethiopia will hopefully continue sharing good things with sisterly African countries as it’s the seat of the headquarters of AU and hence a hub of African politics, the journalist added.

Lauding the efforts made by the government in terms of economic transformation, Mdingi said “most importantly the people and government of Ethiopia are already in charge of the changes they want to see in their communities.

She also indicated that a lot has been done by the government and the private sector to improve Bishoftu town (a 45-minutes drive from Addis Ababa) and its environs to make it an absolutely stunning tourist destination.

“One thing I must also say is that Ethiopians are warm people and made us feel at home,” she said.

Expressing what she saw, the journalist said “had I not come here, I would not have been able to understand that you have got a beautiful and diverse country.”

Mdingi was in particular excited by the housing projects the government is building for citizens.

“This is really commendable,” she said, adding that “we are just looking the differences between this country and ourselves in South Africa; and our government can learn from the Ethiopian government how it could run such projects.”

Mdingi and the other journalists also visited the 656-km trans-boundary railway stretching from Ethiopia to Djibouti.

“I think the railway will introduce a dramatic change in the economic development of Ethiopia and the neighboring countries. It would be part of the railway network that could stretch from eastern to western part of Africa,” she predicted.

Referring to this trip organized for the journalists by the Ethiopian Embassy in South Africa, Mdingi said “the most important lesson we got here is that sometimes you actually have to let people come into your home to learn more about your home, to understand about your home, so that they can have other people from around the world, around the continent to have a better view of that country.”

Another journalists who visited the Bole Lemi Industrial Park and the Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC), Botswanan journalist Mpho Therego said “one thing that I have realized now is that the country is doing exceptionally well in terms of investment and growth; and I wish other countries could come here and benchmark how to do it.”

Therego said all Africans need to promote business to grow their economy like what Ethiopia is doing through the untapped market of industrial parks.

The reporter from Botswana, however, stressed that “as a growing market Ethiopia needs to spread its wings; they start home before they go out.”

Speaking about the Ethiopian economy, the South African journalist Mbaknhle Mthethwa said “I understand that the country has been growing quite exponentially and we want to see it at first hand.”

Talking about the nation’s Growth and Transformation Plan, Mthethwa stated that the government has put in place policies which  stimulate  and initiate the economy; and which they certainly did.


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Addis Ababa March 17/2017 British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said his country is interested to promote development and investment ventures with Ethiopia.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn has conferred with the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in his office.

The foreign minister said on the occasion that UK wants to work together with Ethiopia by supporting its activities in development and investment.

“We are talking about two great countries, Ethiopia and the U.K, and our bilateral relations on development and investments. Ethiopia is a great country with bright future and has a greater capacity in her gifted and talented youth population,” Boris noted.

The Foreign Secretary lauded Ethiopia’s development efforts and said he would make all the necessary efforts in person and in his capacity as foreign secretary of U.K to encourage British investors to come and invest in Ethiopia.

He stated that Britain and Ethiopia would continue collaborating in development, investment, and security and on other areas of mutual interest.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn has expressed Ethiopia’s readiness to assist and support British investors who wish to invest in Ethiopia.

The two sides also discussed ways and means of further strengthening mutual diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Mr. Boris Johnson added that Britain would support Ethiopia’s efforts to ensure peace and stability in neighboring countries in her capacity as a non-permanent member of the UNSC.

The British foreign secretary finally reaffirmed his country’s support to Ethiopia’s efforts to restore peace and stability in Somalia and South Sudan.

Ethiopia and the U.K have strong diplomatic relations stretching over 70 years. Trade and investment exchanges have exceeded 700 million USD.



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Addis Ababa  March 17/2017  President Mulatu Teshome visited the site where a rubbish landslide which killed 113 people in the outskirts of Addis Ababa locally known as Koshe.

During the occasion, the president expressed his condolence to the bereaved families, and noted that the peoples and government of Ethiopia will stand along them.

He added that the country will continue to work on rehabilitating the victims by relocating the population in the vicinities of the rubbish area in a more sustainable manner.

Mulatu added that regrettably enough the government had earlier envisaged a lasting plan to make the area conducive environment for residents and to generate electric power from Rapi waste to energy project.

The 50 MW waste to energy facility, under construction around the site where the landslide occurred, will process around 350,000 tons of waste annually.

Upon operational, the facility is expected to power as many as 30 percent of the Ethiopian capital’s households.

Koshe is place which has a history of 50 years as dumpsite in Kolfe-Keraneyo Sub-City in the outskirts of Addis Ababa.

Mulatu said “no one can expect such incident, not even the government; however, the tragic accident has left a lesson for all”.

The president urged all stakeholders to contribute their role in rehabilitating the victims as urgently as possible.

Mayor of Addis Ababa City, Dirriba Kuma on his part appreciated the patriotic and humanitarian role of the local community particularly the youth engaged in rescue missions and the public for their support, consolation and encouragement for the families of the deceased.

The city administration will continue its support until the rescue operation is finalized, he added.

The various visits made by federal government officials and the support provided for the victims will continue, he said.



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