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Addis Ababa March 13/2017 Efforts are being exerted to increase the number of female diplomats in foreign policy services, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Speaking at the celebration of the International Women’s Day today, Foreign Affairs State Minister Hirut Zemene said the number of female Ethiopian diplomats is low.

She added that efforts to train the many able female promising diplomats and to facilitate conditions for them are essential.

According to her, the government has been carrying out various activities to promote the participation of women in various areas.

She noted that the number of female parliament members has reached 38 percent.

In her study presented to the participants of the event, Ambassador Dr. Genet Zewde stated that the number of female diplomats is low.

There are only 7 percent female diplomats at leader level, 9 percent at senior level, and 33 percent as diplomats, she elaborated.

She stressed the need for giving attention to increase the participation of women in diplomacy and the struggle of women for their rights.

Ambassador Dr. Genet Zewde further underscored that mainstreaming gender issues in foreign policy, sexual harassment directives in diplomatic services and mentoring are crucial.

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Addis Ababa March 13/2017 Some 9 of the 21 national opposition parties, which reportedly agreed to meet today to discuss about their strategy to the political dialogue underway with the ruling party, have failed to show up.

The parties that met were also unable to make progress as they failed to even start the meeting because of disagreements.

The 12 parties said the absence of so many parties prevents them from proceeding to discuss their strategy to the dialogue.

Public Relations Officer of Semayawi Party, Solomon Tessema, told ENA that the reason for not attending this meeting is either because of not giving recognition to the parties or the individuals who called the meeting or half-heartedness about the dialogue.

He also added that the boycott may be to demonstrate defiance towards those who called the meeting.

Solomon expressed his firm belief that the dialogue will eventually be successful, despite obstacles.

The 22 national political parties, including EPRDF, have been discussing a modality for the dialogue.

The parties that met today concluded the meeting by agreeing to meet this Saturday and discuss the issue before the appointment, which includes EPDRF, for the general meeting in the morning.

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Addis Ababa March 13/2017 The government of Ethiopia has extended condolences over the death of people because of the rubbish landslide at the city's rubbish dump.

The government has extended condolences for families of the deceased and wished speedy recovery of the injured, a press release issued by the Government Communication Affairs Office said.

The activities being carried out to rescue people buried by the landslide has also continued.   

The collapse at the landfill has killed 46 people, mostly women and children, and left dozens missing.

According to the release, the rescue mission has continued to save people buried by the rubbish.

Efforts are also underway to relocate residents and extend support to survivors being moved to temporary shelters.

Of the people who were rescued and received medical treatment, 20 have released, while two people with serious injuries are still in hospital.


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Addis Ababa march13/2017 Relocating residents around the Koshe rubbish dump, where a rubbish landslide killed dozens in Addis Ababa, has started, City Mayor Diriba Kuma said. 

Relocating residents who are in the vicinity of the landfill is being carried out as part of efforts to minimize vulnerability of residents, Diriba said.

"We have been relocating residents feared to be vulnerable to similar incidents to other areas the whole day."

Forty-six people, most of them are women and children, have been killed in Saturday night's landslide at the rubbish dump.

As the landslide has buried several makeshift homes, there are fears that the death toll could rise further.

The Koshe landfill has been a dumping ground for the capital's rubbish for more than 50 years.

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Adama March 13/2017 A total of 550 farmers and semi-pastoralists including 60 women who managed to transform themselves into agricultural investors by creating asset were awarded.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegene awarded prizes to the farmers and semi-pastoralists on the occasion of the 8th National Farmers and Semi-pastoralists Day marked at the town of Adama.

Speaking on the occasion, the Premier noted that if each model farmers and semi-pastoralists share their experience to at least two or three farmers each the number of model farmers will continue to grow fast.

Out of the 14 million farmers in the country, 22 percent are model farmers.

The prime Minister added that those who were selected for prizes were those who were able to mobilize their resources and family labor to optimize their efforts towards transforming themselves into investors in the sector.

He added that the prize winners were also able to get the prizes as the result of the support they received from agricultural experts and due to their willingness to implement the results of new agricultural technologies.

Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Dr. Eyasu Abreha on his part said that modern technologies particularly focusing on soil fertility need to be implemented for better outputs.

Prizes were awarded to farmers and semi-pastoralists who were able to create assets worth more than 1.5 million Birr each.

It is also reported that the number of model farmers in the country is increasing.

Prizes awarded to the farmers and semi-pastoralists included tractors and saving bonds worth Birr 3,000 each.

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Addis Ababa March 13/2017 African’s largest cargo operator, Ethiopian Airlines, has won the Cargo Airline Award for Network Development at the Brussels Airport Aviation Awards held on 9 March 2017. 

The Network Development Awards are presented to airlines that have developed new routes or achieved a remarkable growth in passengers or cargo.

As a result, the ‘Network Development Award Cargo Airline’ title was awarded to Ethiopian Cargo in recognition to the rapid expansion of its network and for becoming the largest cargo airline at Brussels Airport in just six months period.

“With the inauguration of the largest and the most modern Cargo terminal in Africa, with annual cargo capacity of 600,000 tons, in the coming couple of months; we will transform Addis Ababa as one of the best Cargo Hubs in the air cargo industry” said Tewolde GebreMariam CEO of Ethiopian Group.

Ever since the first cargo charter operation was launched to Nairobi in 1946 and the boom in agricultural products export from Ethiopia, Ethiopian Cargo Services has been steadily growing.

With the six Boeing 777- 200LRF freighters and two Boeing 757-260 freighters, Ethiopian serves 36 cargo destinations in Africa, the Gulf, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

In line with the Vision 2025, Ethiopian Cargo is building one of the largest and modern cargo terminals in the world with an annual capacity of 1.2 million tons and planning to serve 47 destinations using 18 freighter aircrafts.

Ethiopian Cargo is also automating its entire cargo business process with one of the best Cargo IT systems (SITA Champ Cargo Spot) with the aim of providing the most efficient air cargo services within, to and from Africa, according to the release issued by Ethiopian Airlines.


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