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Addis Ababa March 10/ 2017 Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute (EMDIDI) said it is striving to expand the market destination for meat and milk products to Asian countries.

Stakeholders, including government officials, have discussed the six-month performance of the sub-sector today at Elili International Hotel.

EMDIDI Investment and Technology Support Deputy Director-General, Kelifa Hussein said the institute is working closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to expand its reach to the international market.

The existing destination countries for Ethiopia’s meat and dairy products are Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

The sub-sector’s performance over the past six months is very low due to challenges like the inability of abattoirs to operate fully, lack of inputs supply, and limitations in producing demand based meat, the deputy director-general said.

The institute is working in collaboration with regional states to tackle the above problems.

According to Kelifa, the shortage of fodders is the key challenge that indirectly affects the industries.

The institute has managed to get 48.96 million USD over the past six-months of this budget year. 

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Addis Ababa March 10/ 2017 The World Bank Group is mobilizing an immediate response toward ensuring access to food and water to drought victims in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen.

“We are working toward a financial package of more than 1.6 billion USD to build social protection systems, strengthen community resilience, and maintain service delivery to the most vulnerable, including existing operations of over 870 million USD to help communities threatened by famine,” a World Bank statement said.

Efforts are also underway with the Board of Directors to secure the approval of new operations amounting to 770 million USD, funded substantially through IDA’s Crisis Response Window, it added.

The World Bank Group stated that it will help respond to the immediate needs of the current famine, “but we must recognize that famine will have lasting impacts on people’s health, ability to learn, and earn a living. So we will also continue to work with communities to reclaim their livelihoods and build resilience to future shocks”.

According to the statement, WB is coordinating closely with UN and other partners since the resolution to this acute crisis will not be possible without all humanitarian and development actors working together.

The World Bank Group called on the international community to respond robustly and quickly to the UN global appeal for resources for the famine.

Countries are also urged to invest in addressing the root causes and drivers of fragility to prevent crises in the future and build institutional and societal resilience.

Famine was officially declared on February 20 in South Sudan, impacting approximately 100,000 people, and there is a credible risk of other famines in Yemen, Northeast Nigeria, and other countries.

In Ethiopia some 5.6 million people will require emergency food assistance.

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Addis Ababa March 10/2017 The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission said the awareness of the youth on ethics should be enhanced so as to curtail corruption.

The Thirteenth National Anti-Corruption Coalition Executive Committee regular meeting took place today to discuss the performance of the committee last Ethiopian fiscal year.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commissioner, Ali Suleiman said the struggle against corruption needs more public participation.

According to him, the 13 forums organized under the national committee have been registering achievements in curbing corruption and creating awareness on ethics among the communities.

The 800 associations under the forums on their part are striving to address grievances related to corruption and rent-seeking and challenging corrupt government officials face-to-face at various forums, the commissioner added.

However, Ali stressed that working on the youth would better resolve the problems in sustainable manner and create a generation that fights against corruption.

Furthermore, the commissioner urged members of National Anti-Corruption Coalition, which is the umbrella organization, to scale up their engagement in anti- corruption activities in the country.

The National Anti-Corruption Coalition comprises of 13 forums under which 800 associations of civil societies, private organizations and public institutions are organized.

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Addis Ababa March 10/2017 A new public land transportation service between Ethiopia and Sudan will start this weekend, according to Sudan Tribune (ST).

The cross-border highway stretching from Addis Ababa to Khartoum will provide service in accordance with agreements reached on standards of vehicles, tariffs and immigration rules of the two countries effective Sunday, March 10, 2017.

The new public bus transportation between the two capital cities has come to operation after the completion of a trans-border highway project which took about 8 years to construct, the website revealed.

As per the tariff set, a passenger must pay 60 USD to travel from Addis Ababa to Khartoum, a route that takes two-days by road, according to the report.

A passenger is expected to process a valid passport and visa before leaving.

The transport service will strengthen bilateral ties of the neighbors and enhance trade, investment, tourism, and social ties between the people.

It is also believed to facilitate cooperation between communities residing along the common border.

Ethiopia has three trans-border highways that are mainly used to transport export products and import Sudan’s fuel.

Besides, the country has been constructing a number of trans-boundary highways to link its borders with neighboring nations, including Kenya and South Sudan.

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Addis Ababa March 10/2017 As a prelude to the convocation of national dialogue initiated by the government of South Sudan last year, the nation declares a public holiday of prayer today to boost efforts towards peace, reconciliation and unity.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Mr. Daniel Yifru, IGAD South Sudan Office Coordinator said the prayer day is expected to be conducted in John Mausoleum in Juba and in the respective states of the Republic of South Sudan.

He said, “a preparatory national day of peace, reconciliation, prayer and forgives is expected to kick off today to be conducted at all levels in the country.”

Yesterday a meeting of the Presidency chaired by President Salva Kiir Mayardit had reportedly discussed on famine in the war torn nation, the economic situation and the national dialogue declared by the President.

IGAD welcomed the announcement by the President Kiir for the plan to conduct an all inclusive national dialogue.

South Sudan has been in civil war since Decenber 2013, when President Kiir sacked his former Deputy accusing of attempting a coup.

The fighting broke out between supporters of President Kiir and his former deputy Riek Machar ignited the civil war.

IGAD encourages the President to embrace all parties of the agreement that are willing to rejoin the peace process to do so in the spirit of inclusivity, forgiveness and reconciliation.

The exact date on which the national dialogue will start is to be disclosed by the government of South Sudan.

Despite different ceasefire agreements reached between the warring parties, fighting has continued. Up to 300,000 people are estimated to have been killed in the war.

More than 3.5 million people have been displaced, with more than 2.1 million internally displaced and more than 1.5 million having fled to neighboring countries.

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Addis Ababa March 10/2017 The dotAfrica (.Africa) domain which is expected to vehicle socio-cultural activities of Africa in the digital era thereby allowing the continent to contribute to the global digital economy launched here on Friday.

The dotAfrica generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) will bring the continent together as an internet community under one umbrella, allowing e-commerce, technology and infrastructure to flourish, African Union said

Saying dotAfrica is a truly African initiative established by Africans for Africa and the world; the Union expressed belief that the introduction of dotAfrica TLD will create an attractive regional home for the Pan-African Internet community.

It is also an opportunity to forge a unique online identity which will associate products, services and information with the continent and people of Africa, it said.

It will also echo ongoing operation and successes of other sister community TLDs such as dotEu and dotAsia that have created a new Internet identity for their users and businesses which seek more regional presence without being confined within the limits of one country.

Mokgabudi Lucky, CEO of ZA Central Registry, which operated dotAfrica, told ENA that, “Not only as the operator of the name but as citizens of the continent we think it is about time that we now have our own digital identifier which is dotAfrica.”

“In life people want to be identified by their names and I think today we do have a name as Africa that identifies us and our business”, he said.

The dotAfrica is part a space that conducts e-commerce, the CEO added “it creates a lot of value and opportunity for all of us since it is one of the bedrocks commercially in e-commerce and internet transactions.”

He also pointed out that if 10 percent of the 1.2 billion people of Africa is connected to dotAfrica, it is going to be a lot beneficial for the entire continent, because the revenues will be put to the dotAfrica foundation.

DotAfrica, which consumed close to 3.4 million USD, aspires to incorporate some of the native African languages into the technology system, Lucky added.

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