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Addis Ababa November 09/2017 President Mulatu Teshome said Ethiopia wants to share the experiences of New Zealand in food processing and livestock development.

The President held discussion with the departing Ambassador of New Zealand today.

The officials have also discussed about how investors from New Zealand can invest in Ethiopia.

The outgoing New Zealand's Ambassador to Ethiopia, Bruce Shepherd said on his part that he has discussed with the president on ways of strengthening bilateral relations, especially in investment and development.

Ambassador Shepherd promised to try to encourage investment in Ethiopia and to boost economic relations.

He also said the agreement signed in food security and aviation industry two years ago is a good beginning to expand relationship. 

Ethiopia established diplomatic relations with New Zealand in 2013.  

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Addis Ababa November 09/2017 The recent devaluation of Birr, which is aimed at stimulating the country’s export and enhancing foreign currency, is registering encouraging results, Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said.

The devaluation was conceived because of its importance in speeding up the rapid growth of the country, the Premier told journalists in his press briefing today.

He revealed that saving and FDI, for example, have increased by 30 percent and 18 percent respectively when compared to that of same period last year.

Services, including flow of tourists and aviation transport, have increased by 12 percent as compared to that of same period last year; while coffee registered an increase of 15 percent in volume and 19 percent in price.

In the meantime, the government has made preparation to control inflation that may occur on some imported consumer goods such as edible oil, flour, and sugar, he stated.

Despite this some merchants have been illegally increasing prices in goods that were already in their shops prior to the devaluation, the PM said, adding that strong measures were taken on 39 traders.

The Premier called upon the public to check the credibility of any information they obtain from the social media with respect to inflation, ethnicity, terrorism, and above all information aimed at destroying the country’s unity and diversity.   

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Addis Ababa November 09/2017 Peace and stability is restored in areas bordering Oromia and Somali regional states as well as other parts of the country, except few pocket areas, Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said.

Briefing local journalists today, Hailemariam said the conflicts in border areas of the regions were not about demarcation as some people tried to frame. They were instigated and orchestrated mainly by groups hugely involved in illegally trading chat.

Not only did these groups instigated the conflicts, but also formed coalition with terrorist groups to carry out catastrophic acts that led to the deaths of innocent people and the displacement of hundreds of thousands, the Premier pointed out.

He stated that most of the culprits are under arrest and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission is investigating human rights violations committed so that measures could be taken. 

Federal and regional forces, in collaboration with the active participation of the peace loving public, have controlled and maintained peace and security in the country, the PM noted.

Hailemariam said a taskforce comprised of federal and regional members was established to quickly address the rehabilitation process as soon as possible.

The restoration of the country’s peace and security demonstrates the strong foundation laid on the existing federal system that has ensured unity within diversity of its peace loving people, he stressed.

He urged the public to pursue its strong commitment towards the fight against poverty as peace and stability are secured.

The government will relentlessly fight rent-seeking which is the arch enemy of Ethiopia’s rapid economic growth, Hailemariam emphasized, and added that “it is a fight that we have to sustain until economic transformation is brought about.”


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Addis Ababa November 09/2017 A draft proclamation that enables to properly implement the nation’s Diaspora Policy is readied, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This was disclosed at the Diaspora Coordination Forum held at the Hilton Hotel today.

Ethiopia had issued a Diaspora Policy which ensures the rights and benefits of Ethiopians and foreigners of Ethiopian origin residing abroad as well as their participation in the ongoing development endeavors five years ago.

Foreign Affairs State Minister, Dr. Akililu Hailemichael said the draft proclamation will help to properly implement the Diaspora Policy. 

According to Demeke Atnafu, Director-General of Diaspora Engagement Affairs, engagement of the Diaspora in development endeavors in general and in trade and investment in particular is encouraging.

The Ethiopian Diaspora is getting engaged in knowledge and technology transfer, agriculture, education, health and others, the Director-General added.

There are Diaspora Coordination Offices that assist the Diaspora engagement in all the regional states and two city administrations, it was learned.

Demeke stated that 171 members of the diaspora have come to Ethiopia in the first Ethiopian fiscal year and are engaged in various investment sectors.

Of these, 94 are engaged in manufacturing, 25 in agriculture, and 36 in services.

Ethiopians living abroad have sent 4.6 billion US dollars in remittance last Ethiopian year.

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Nation Working to Reverse Brain Drain

Addis Ababa November 09/2017 Ethiopia is working to reverse the trend of brain drain to brain gain, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

 The comprehensive work aimed to attract knowledge and expertise of the Diaspora is being undertaken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with domestic private organizations and Diaspora associations.

 The Ethiopian Diasporas, estimated to be at 2.5 million, are considered as huge untapped resource of human capital which clearly is vital for the development of the country.

 Director-General of Diaspora Engagement Affairs at the Ministry, Demeke Atnafu said that efforts are being exerted to encourage them to come and invest their expertise, knowledge, skill and experience in various areas.

  “There is a new trend emerging among Ethiopian professionals abroad, rather than making a private and individual effort, they are convinced that if they come together they could make a massive impact and make a difference” he stated.

 A directive that will create a conducive environment for the Diaspora to come and contribute share to the nation building efforts will soon be finalized.

 Even members of the Diaspora have been contributing in various areas the attained results are not satisfactory compared to the potential.

 “In the coming six months we will work relentlessly to realize that knowledge transfer of Diaspora to become a reality,” Demeke pointed out.

 Managing Director of Alliance for Brain-Gain and Innovative Development Ethiopia (ABIDE), Dr.Tewabech Bishaw said institutions need highly qualified professionals and mobilizing this resource in order to provide effective services.

 In this regard, ABIDE is working to identify the needs and gaps of the country in knowledge, skill and technology so as to establish a sustainable system.

 “There was a need to organize, have an organized mechanism, which we have a sustainable system, institutionalized system to identify the kind of knowledge that is outside of the country and to identify the kind of knowledge that is needed within the country by different institutions and also to look at the process how to bring these two together” she added.

 A database that will serve as a platform in providing the identified needs and available resources has established.

 “We have established a database and with this database of identified needs and data base of professionals outside the country, it is easy to look at a big picture and see who can assist whom and at what time”

 In addition, a Diaspora Trust Fund has established to mobilize and tap this resources so as to facilitate the engagement the Diasporas, she pointed out. 

 Deputy Chairperson of the Ethiopian Diaspora Association (EDA), Dr. Yohannes Gebresellasie on his part noted the presence of numerous number of Ethiopian origin and nationals with high professional standards who will contribute to the national endeavors.

 “If they come to Ethiopia, I believe they can contribute a lot to the general socio-economic and political endeavors going on in the country” he said.

 The participation and cooperation of Ethiopian Diasporas, in line with the developmental endeavors of the country, is crucial, he added.

 Noting that many Diasporas have engaged in Ethiopia, he said by investing in their home country, they will be benefited from the returns of their investments as well as the change in the livelihoods of their fellow countrymen. 

  “It is a win-win situation they could help themselves and they could also help their country of origin”


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Addis Ababa November 09/2017 Norway has pledged to extend support to help Ethiopia ensure human rights protection and further improve the development of democracy in the country, according to Ethiopian Human Rights Commission. 

Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Mette Marit held discussion yesterday with Chief Commissioner Addisu GebreEgziabher and other Human Rights Commission officials about human rights protection and democracy in Ethiopia.

Both sides have finally agreed to further improve the country’s human rights protection.

Appreciating the Commission’s efforts in protecting human rights in the country, the Norwegian royalty has promised to continue providing material and logistics support.

During the occasion, the parties have discussed the root causes of conflicts that have been occurring in Ethiopia over the past two years.

Chief Commissioner Addisu told the Norwegian royalty that his Commission has submitted investigation monitoring document to the House of Peoples Representative that will help discuss human rights protection in Ethiopia.


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