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Addis Ababa November 13/2017 Ethiopia will host the Second Apimondia International Symposium in Africa from at the end of this month, according to Ethiopian Apiculture Board (EAB).

Apimondia is an international organization of beekeepers which holds biennial international apiculture congresses, national symposiums and other regional events on current and emerging issues of the apiculture industry.

The symposium organized by the Ethiopian Apiculture Board, in collaboration with the Apimondia Scientific Commission for Bee Economics and Beekeeping for Rural Development will take place from 30 November - 4 December 2018.

The aim of the symposium is promoting the country's beekeeping potential to the rest of the world, it was learned.

General Manager of EAB, Negash Bekena, told ENA that the symposium would have advantages in showcasing and marketing the untapped apiculture potential of the country to world apiculture communities and also to sensitize local development actors through raising their awareness on the huge apiculture potential of the country.

He noted that hosting such important international events will help experience and knowledge sharing and supports to address critical gaps in utilizing potential and role of beekeeping.

According to Negash, the event could be an important instrument for facilitating cooperation for value chain promotion especially as the country gears up for green, inclusive and carbon free economy.

Senior policy makers, scientists, researchers, practitioners from national and regional governments, representatives from donor and bilateral agencies, civil society organizations (CSOs), beekeeping producer groups and private companies will participate in the symposium.

Ethiopia has about 10 million honeybee colonies and some 1.8 million people engaged in smallholder level beekeeping and other related activities.

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Addis Ababa November 13/2017 It is crucial for Africa to address the challenges of bringing rapid sustainable and equitable socio-economic progress that would relieve hundreds of millions from the quagmire of poverty and social injustice, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonen said.

While opening the 17th Regional Seminar for Labor-based Practitioners today, he said it is this ultimate goal that brought the participants together – a goal that would demand unified efforts in farsighted decision which impacts the life of each and everyone across the continent.

The Deputy Prime Minister stated that Ethiopia’s international and regional commitments as well as national endeavors have been testimonial to the determination to create conducive investment and infrastructure development policies for job-rich inclusive growth.

Transport Minister Ahmed Shide noted that despite impressive economic growth over the last decade, the continent is still facing challenges of unemployment, underdevelopment and poverty.

"This situation is further complicated by the recent global economic crisis as well as the negative effects of climate change and low capacity to adapt," he added.

According to him, the government of Ethiopia recognizes these challenges and has been taking appropriate policy measures and implemented a number of programs to address the multi-prolonged challenges.

The Minister said the country has set example for other African countries in applying labor intensive infrastructural development.

Universal Roads Accessibly Program (URRAP) is the manifestation of labor intensive infrastructural development, he explained.

Ethiopian Roads Authority Director-General, Araya Girmay stated that his country will share experiences and learn from others in labor-based job creating initiatives during the meeting.

ILO Regional Director for Africa, George Okutho pointed out that Employment-Intensive Investment Program is one of ILO’s tested approaches to promote full and productive employment and is intended to influence public and private investments on job-rich sectors.

He appreciated Ethiopia’s effort in implementing labor-based infrastructure development in all areas of the country. ILO would continue supporting Ethiopia in this regard.

More than 400 researchers, policy makers and practitioners are taking part in the four-day seminar.

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PM Hailemariam Leaves for Qatar

Addis Ababa November 13/2017Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn has left today for Doha to pay an official visit to Qatar.

The Premier headed to Doha as per the invitation of Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamadal-Thani,the Emir of Qatar.

The delegation led by the PM is expected to discuss ways of enhancing bilateral, economic and diplomatic relations.

The implementation of the agreements signed between the two countries in tourism, investment, and infrastructure during the Emir's last visit to Ethiopia will also be discussed.

The two countries had expressed their commitment to get engaged in win-win situation and give a new life to their ties.

The visit of Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani in December 2016 resulted in a leap in Qatari-Ethiopian co-operation.

The visit revealed Ethiopia’s keenness to encourage and attract Qatari investments and open the way for businessmen from different sectors, to establish joint projects between the countries and enhance the Ethiopian economy as well as create opportunities for Qatari investors to interact with foreign projects with good economic and social returns.

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