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Addis Ababa October 03/2017 Renewable Energy Solution for Africa (RES4Africa) Ethiopia Program was launched here today.

RES4Africa President, Antonio Cammisecra said the objective of the program is to engage in dialogue with government and private institutions in Ethiopia to build up a fair business environment for implementation of renewable energy projects.

He stated that “the most important value added by RES4Africa is that we have an international benchmarking because we are working in many African countries including Morocco, Algeria and South Africa”.

According to him, RES4Africa has no direct interest in investment. It is working to create a friendly business environment for everybody and it is a platform for the development of sustainable framework for the implementation of renewable energy projects.


 The aim is to convince governments to engage in multiple projects for the acceleration of tapping renewable energy resources, the President stressed.

Speaking on the occasion, European Union Ambassador to Ethiopia Johan Borgstam said access to reliable and environmentally sustainable energy is fundamental for the economic development of Ethiopia and the realization of its ambitious strategy for development of industrialization.

More importantly, renewable energy is the core of Ethiopia’s ambition which currently generates 90 percent of its energy from renewable energy sources based on hydropower, making the country a power house of renewable energy in the Horn of Africa.

Borgstam noted that energy is one of the core sectors of the EU partnership with Ethiopia. EU extends more than 30 million Euros support for 16 projects in Ethiopia.

Through this support, over 400,000 rural Ethiopians have gained access to clean energy in the form of biogas for cooking or access to other forms of renewable energy sources, he stated.

He revealed that EU is exploring additional angle of vision to support energy projects around 40 million Euros or one billion Birr.

Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Dr.Gemedo Dalle said the coming of RES4Africa to Ethiopia will support the country to maximize the benefit it gets from renewable energy.

The program would help as an additional input in the implementation of Ethiopia’s Climate Resilient Economy Strategy (CRGE) that started in 2011, he added.

The program would help facilitate acquisition of finance for investors who want to engage in the sector.

Although Sub-Sahara African countries are rapidly attracting attention as new renewable energy markets over 600 million people still live without access to energy in Africa, representing a significant residential and productive market demand for affordable, reliable and clean energy in Africa.


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Addis Ababa October 03/2017 African countries can no longer afford to continue traditional ways of processing and disseminating statistics, Deputy Executive Secretary of Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) said.

Speaking at the opening of the 6th Statistical Data and Metadata exchange (SDMX) conference that opened here on yesterday, Giovanie Biha said the continent will fail if it continues to process and disseminate statistics in the old way.

“It is not sustainable to continue business as usual. Innovation like SDMX has to be embraced to save resources, increase efficiency, minimize response burden on countries, as well as to improve quality,” Biha added.

SDMX is an international initiative that aims to standardize and modernize mechanisms and processes for the exchange of statistical data and metadata among international organizations and their member countries.

It is an ISO standard for data and metadata dissemination and has become a basis to design statistical processes, it was learned.

The Deputy Executive Secretary said in the era of sustainable development goals (SDGs), statistical data and metadata are more important than ever.

However, with so many data producers and consumers in the government, private sector, and civil society, maintaining consistency and coherence of the data was a real challenge, she noted.

“This is where SDMX can make a real difference by bringing a common understanding of the data and providing a way to supply robust metadata that can explain discrepancies. This will ensure use of credible data that is accepted by all users at all levels,” according to the Deputy Executive Secretary.

“It is also now a well-known fact that data are essential for implementing any set of development goals. Everybody also accepts that we need data to report on progress using agreed monitoring indicators,” she stressed.

Biha underscored that the sustainable development agenda calls for data revolution to improve quality and timeliness of data to support development agendas at all levels.

“However, quality data has remained an issue and cannot be compromised and neither is it a luxury for African governments; it is an essential component for development. Our countries need to develop a quality assurance framework to manage the statistical system, statistical processes and outputs. This requires rigorous statistical data management as well as robust systems to disseminate data in a well-coordinated and efficient manner,” she stated.

Biha said ECA, through its African Centre for Statistics, “will seek to support them to embrace innovative methods and tools in statistical data production, as well as adopting SDMX as a primary tool for data exchange.

“We will also seek to identify countries in Africa as well as the rest of the world which are strong with respect to data access and dissemination so that we can encourage co-operation across countries.”

The conference brought together over 300 experts from National Statistical Offices, Central Banks, other government institutions, international agencies, and the private sector from all parts of the world.

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Addis Ababa October 02/2017 The celebration of Irrecha Festival will not only bring closer Oromos but helps them share their divergent culture, participants at the festival said.

They told ENA that Irrecha is a special day that helps further develop and transmit the basic values of the festival to the coming generation.

Moti Tullu from Sebeta town said Irrecha, beyond thanksgiving, plays crucial role in promoting and strengthening unity and culture of the Oromo people that come from different corners of the country.

Nowadays, the youth are aware of their culture; however, working towards the coordination of their activities at woreda, zone and regional levels is the prerogative of the concerned authorities, he added.

Irrecha can further be strengthened if income is generated from visitors, Moti suggested.

Desalegn Mamo, who always comes to attend the ceremony from Addis Ababa, said he is happy to attend the Irrecha festival which is very attractive.

“I am very happy to see the youth organized to coordinate these events. The government and the media should work to further promote this culture as it would help to enhance unity”, he added.

Birhane Mamo from Bishoftu town said this year’s celebration is unique as it is organized jointly by the youth and Aba Gedas.

“When I came out of my house to come to the festival, my neighbors tried to persuade me from not coming as they feared disturbances might happen. But I decided and am happy that the festival took place in a very warm and calm manner”, she added.

Developing this culture needs commitment from families and all should advise their children not to play into the hands of those with hidden interests and agendas, Birhane noted.

Feyissa Oljirra,  a youth from Kemisse of South Wollo, said on his part he was happy to see that the youth could play their role in keeping peace during the celebration.   

He observed that lack of coordination among participants during Irrecha festival must be addressed by elders or Aba Gedas.

Irrecha Festival was peacefully celebrated at Lake Horsedi near Bishoftu town on Sunday in the presence of Aba Gedas and huge crowd of people who came from various parts of Oromia.

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