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Addis Ababa October 11/2017 The House of Federation has approved the result of the self-administration referendum held in eight kebeles (sub-districts), where the Kemant and Amhara people have co-existed. 

 According to the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE),  seven of the eight kebeles voted in favor of the existing administrative, while one kebele - Quaber Lomye - preferred to join the  Kemant self-administrative zone.

The Kemant who live inside the Amhara regional state gained self-administrative status two years ago.

The referendum held last month in the eight kebeles where the Kemant and Amhara people have co-existed was to choose either joining the Kemant self-administrative zone or to continue in the existing administrative level.

Some 20,824 people in the kebeles, took part in the referendum held in September 2017

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Addis Ababa October 10/2017 Ethiopia has welcomed the end of U.S. economic sanctions that were imposed on Sudan for the past 20 years, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

“It has long been apparent that these have caused unnecessary and considerable problems to the Sudanese people, limiting the country’s developmental progress” said the statement that the Ministry has sent to ENA.

The removal will be welcomed both in the Sudan and in the region as a step that will support and encourage further regional development, it added.

“Sudan is more than a neighbor; we have a great deal in common with our strategic relationship built on close people-to-people relations”, the Ministry said.

“We have no doubt our relationship will benefit greatly from this decision as will the regional stability and development to which we are both committed; improvements for the Sudan will certainly benefit us all in the region” the statement pointed out.

The Ministry said “Ethiopia will continue to promote cooperation in the region to overcome any challenges facing Sudan, to support and build upon the results already achieved by all sides”.


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